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Photo BootCamp Academy is an online community where busy photographers gather to take their photography to new levels of enjoyment and progress.

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About Your BootCamp Leader – Brent Mail

Brent is an award winning, full-time professional photographer. But he doesn’t care for accolades. He just loves taking stunning photos. And showing others how to do it too.

He’s been teaching photography workshops for more than 10 years and has helped thousands of photographers (just like you) get better at their hobby and craft.

He’s particularly passionate about inspiring you to get out of the books, close your computer, pick up your camera, and get out and take photos. And he guides you with highly-practical masterclass sessions that help you make fast progress with loads of fun.

Brent grew up in South Africa, has travelled the globe taking photos, and now lives with his family near the beach in Australia – the perfect spot for him to enjoy nature and surf every day.

His perfect days starts with a good espresso coffee and ends with a hot Thai curry.

Friends From All Around the World
Having Fun and Improving Together

I find I have grown quickly in such a short space of time & that is due to the bootcamp program & all the other Photographers who give you a little push when needed. I am over the moon for this chance to shine.

Peter Dwight


Your monthly challenges are the best thing to happen to me.

Karen Padilla


I have gained inspiration, both from your enthusiasm, excellent images and so many great images posted by the other Bootcampers.

Sig Rannem


I am grateful for our fearless BootCamp leader Brent Mail and all of you in this group for fuelling my passion for photography and causing me to stretch and grow.

Jim Albertson


I am grateful for photography and all I have learned in Bootcamp. Photography has helped me step out of my comfort zone. I get so excited to get outside and see the world through a photographer's lens. Thank you Brent and fellow Bootcampers.

Kathy Potter


I have been part of other groups over the past few years and BootCamp is the first group that I have felt comfortable with. Bootcamp has got me out taking photos on my own and I feel confident when doing so. Bootcamp has given me that structure, confidence, and ability in myself which I did not think I had.

Denis O'Byrne


I am so thankful I joined this great group. I appreciate all that I have learned and the new ideas I have gotten by seeing your photos and for the comments you have provided to me in the past.

Christine Domingo


BootCamp has helped me feel more confident with my photographic skills. It is a "safe haven" where none of the participants are threatening and we all treat each other with respect. I am constantly bragging at work, telling them that I am part of bootcamp and that they should join as soon as they have the chance.

Juan Acosta


I’m having fun following the assignments and engaging with other participants. My primary reason for joining was to give myself a push to do more with my photography and learn from others. It is working because I want to post strong images and I’m forcing myself to practice new techniques in the field and in digital processing.
I appreciate the thoughtful feedback that participants provide to each other and I see potential for strong photo-friend relationships to develop (no pun intended 🙂 ) over time.

Judy Ward


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