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  • Workshop style learning, you get to learn at your pace, and ask questions & get results much faster!
  • Get answers from photography mentors & experts

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  • Immediate access to our best photography courses and e-books.
    (over $700 worth of photography courses - and more to come!)
  • Brand-new training is added constantly. Something new every month!
  • Photography training is tailored to your needs - you decide what you want to master next!

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  • Creative people need inspiration to keep photographing & learning - this is the place to get it.
  • Inspiration section dedicated to keeping you inspired and your creative juices flowing.
  • Connect with other inspirational photographers, who share their passion for photography with you.

What People are Saying

In love with the Lounge
Thoroughly enjoying being part of this community. Everyone very supportive and encouraging. So many of the images being posted are excellent and absolutely the sort of images I aspire to being able to capture myself someday.
I'm a relative newbie to this photography lark having only really started about 18 months ago. I've learned a lot in that short time and can learn so much from everyone here.
Congrats on starting up such an excellent hang-out

Sarah Rodriguez-Martinez

First Week
I have been a member for only one week and so far I am more than satisfied. I really like the positive encouraging approach plus the fact that it is user driven.

The media site is well worth a visit. The feed back is positive with some constructive criticism. The wide range of images and courses gives a lot of material for inspiration

Norman Nichols

Master Your Photography

Who is this photography community for?

If you answer YES to any of the following statements, then this Share-Inspire-Create Community (SIC LOUNGE) is ideal for you:

  • I want to improve my photography, and start take amazing images - fast!
  • I'm a beginner or intermediate photographer, and I want to learn.
  • I'm frustrated with not knowing how to create amazing photos every time I take out my camera.
  • I feel overwhelmed & confused with all the information out there, and don't know where to start?
  • I'm feeling creatively-flat and uninspired to go out and shoot! I need inspiration - Now!
  • I need my questions answered by an expert who wants to help me.
  • I see other people taking pictures, and they are having so much fun - I want to have fun too.
  • Photoshop and Lightroom scare me to death, they seem so complicated.
  • I want to impress my family and friends with the amazing images that I capture and post online!
  • I have just bought a really good camera, and I want to take great photos.
  • I want to connect with others just like me!

Learn to Take Great Photos

What is inside this photography community?

  • Access to 14 premium photography courses (valued at over$700)
    1. Essential Photography Skills
    2. Amazing Sunset Photography
    3. Art of Travel Photography
    4. Lightroom Essentials
    5. The Lightroom Traveler
    6. 3 Step Model Flow-pose
    7. Long Exposure Landscape Photography
    8. How to Create an Award Winning Print
    9. Photographing Kids Naturally
    10. Mastering Shutter Speed
    11. Retouching Models with Lightroom
    12. Ultimate Landscape Photography Course
    13. Social Media for Photographers
    14. Studio Portrait Photography Getting Started
  • Pro Photographers and mentors are there to answer your questions and help you.
  • Passionate photographers just like you, who want to get better and improve their skills.
  • Inspirational images and videos to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Photography tips and tricks to help you master photography quickly.
  • Post your images for peer review, get some encouraging feedback on how you can improve.
  • Portfolio improvement review to fast track your learning (after 6 months)

14 Premium Photography Courses


Why was The SIC LOUNGE created?

We wanted ONE place where we could put all of our best photography training into, and focus all of our energy on developing students into brilliant photographers, sharing inspirational images and connecting with others just like us.

Here is the problem: Most online training websites are one-way driven: The trainers create the course, and then the students consume the course and get results (sometimes). There is little feedback from the students, once the course has been created.

Workshop Style Method: We plan to revolutionize this system by using a workshop method. We create a course, one lesson at a time, and then our students give us feedback before we create the next lesson. We change & adjust the lessons according to this feedback and this way the photography course becomes so much more effective, and the results are that your master your photography faster, just like at a photography workshop where you can ask questions during the lesson so that you fully grasp the concepts. Cool.

Get Inspired & Motivated

Who is Brent Mail & Johny Spencer?


Brent: I'm an award winning, full-time professional photographer who is passionate about photography and I love teaching others how to take great shots. I run a successful portrait photography studio, close to the beach on the east coast of Australia. Been teaching photography workshops for a while and I now have over 12 photography courses and have helped thousands of photographers (just like you) get better at their craft. I also love a good coffee and a very hot Thai curry.


Johny: I'm a professional Photographer & Videographer. My work has been used in newspapers, magazines and for promotional purposes in print and online. I have a passion for capturing beautiful photography that inspires and creates strong emotions to its viewer. Teaching others to be great photographers is my way of passing on this passion I have for Photography.

Get Results Fast!

What type of members are inside the SIC LOUNGE?

Inside the lounge you will find photographers (just like you) who are committed to becoming better at their craft, and they love to share great tips, inspiring photography images and other resources that help everyone in the community.
This community is a positive, fun, relaxed and casual place to learn, where you can feel safe in asking any question or posting something of your own!
A great place to connect with other passionate photographers!

Who should NOT join this community?

This community is a fun, happy-place to learn and become inspired. We do not tolerate trolls, serial-complainers, or blamers, (basically, all negative people) in this community. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and not taken too seriously!

High Value Training

Loving the Lounge!


I'm really enjoying the encouraging, positive atmosphere here in the SIC Lounge! Everyone here is making the risk to put my images out there very worthwhile. The feedback on my own images is appreciated, and I'm learning a lot seeing such a wide range of others' work. The discussion and tutorials are also super helpful. Brent and Johnny have made this a very welcome place to be.

I'm also pretty amazed at how fluid the site is already! Navigation became familiar and comfortable after just a short time. There's a lot of depth to the site, and even in these early days I've not encountered any glitches to the system. Very well thought-out!

I'm feeling very confident that this was a great investment in myself and my photography! I anticipate great things to come. So glad I joined! - Gayle Loewen

Here's What People are Saying About the Courses

“I have come away with inspiration and motivation to create even more stunning shots …” Jason
"Lightroom Essentials explains in small, easily digested videos each and every feature about Lightroom, I like your style and humour and the easy to follow the way you explain things. I can't wait to start putting all your tips and tricks in to action." - Mike

"I loved your posing tutorial video, which is such a great help and has taken my portrait photography to a higher level of confidence and results." CJ Hummel

“Has given me many new insights into getting the best out of my new DLSR camera” Nigel

"I just love this course! The scenery was amazing! I love how Brent took you from the photo shoot to the editing process and finish with sharing them on social media. This course helped me learn various editing tools and being able to edit with Brent really helped a lot. Great course!" Olack

“Sessions 6 (Lenses) & 10 (Inspiration) were my personal favourites as I love “recipes” on how shots were created.” Anne

"What really hit me with the very first video I watched was the fact that “you got straight into it” without lots of self adverting. The bite size chunks are a great way to learn. A bite at a time not a mouthful to forget." - Roger

A ZERO-Risk Investment in Your Photography



"YES, I am ready to Master my Photography!"

If you don't 100% fall in love with our Photography Community, let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a FULL REFUND, no questions asked... you have nothing to lose!



How much is the Share-Inspire-Create Membership?

For the price of just 1 coffee per week! You invest just $29 per month for as long as you wish to stay a member. You can stop access at any time you like. The majority of our members stick around for the long haul because the value they gain is way more than the price of a coffee per week.



By ordering you agree that you are responsible for your own success, and any advice that you follow is at your own risk:

P.S – If you are not sure if you should join please send me an email at brent @ shareinspirecreate com and tell me your biggest reason why you are unsure. I will see if SIC LOUNGE is right for you.

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