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Improve Your Photography From Home

Photo BootCamp Academy is an online community where more than 200 photographers gather to take their photography to new levels of enjoyment and progress.

And while the world grapples with this health crisis, Associate Membership is 100% Free

I am loving the community and the helpful and positive feedback. It has me looking at the world and my work with a more educated eye. I am really inspired by the other artists that are part of this group.

Amber Pallas


Improve Your Skills

Blast through the bottlenecks
you’re having with composition,
focus, lighting and much more

Build Confidence

Shoot more consistently so you
see regular progress in your photos

Enjoy the Journey

Don’t merely capture memories
– make memories, and have
way more fun with your camera

Ready to Make Learning Photography Fun Again?

Enjoy Photo BootCamp Academy Free for 30 Days and Together Let’s Focus On Hope

As this virus paralyses the world with sickness and negativity, the awesome members of Photo BootCamp Academy are choosing to focus on hope. And we’d like to invite you to join us 100% free for the next 30 days and get full access to…

  • All 25 Masterclass sessions and accompanying backyard assignments to help you hone your skills
  • The funnest, kindest, most supportive community of 200+ active members who share their encouragement and advice to improve your photos
  • Our resident pro who'll answer all your questions
  • And endless inspiration, positivity and support to help you focus on hope during this difficult time

Practical Learning that Produces Fast, Fun Results

25 (and counting) straight-to-the-point Masterclass Sessions help you to master specific skills quickly and easily.

Plus accompanying backyard challenges help you practice and perfect your newfound skills.

A Community That's Here To Help

Our community of 200+ of the kindest, most talented photographers is here to help you discover exciting new skills, rekindle your passion for taking photos, and experience enjoyment and real improvement.

Unlike other forums that are full of show-offs who build themselves up by tearing others down, BootCamp fosters community not competition.

It’s a place where we all learn together… experiment together… fail together… improve together… and experience more of life and all its adventures – together.

Photo BootCamp Academy gives you the support you need to learn new skills, inspires you to pick up your camera and practice taking photos, and gives you the confidence to try new things and enjoy the adventure of photography.

Your monthly challenges are the best thing to happen to me.

Karen Padilla


I find I have grown quickly in such a short space of time & that is due to the bootcamp program & all the other Photographers who give you a little push when needed. I am over the moon for this chance to shine.

Peter Dwight


I am grateful for our fearless BootCamp leader Brent Mail and all of you in this group for fuelling my passion for photography and causing me to stretch and grow.

Jim Albertson


I am grateful for photography and all I have learned in Bootcamp. Photography has helped me step out of my comfort zone. I get so excited to get outside and see the world through a photographer's lens. Thank you Brent and fellow Bootcampers.

Kathy Potter


So Much More Than Breathtaking Images – Join Us For An Adventure In Photography

Come and join us – not to merely master our cameras – but to enjoy taking photos again.

Not to merely take award-winning, technically perfect images – but to open our eyes to the wonder all around us, and then capture the magic and share it with the world – share a little of ourselves with the world.

Not to merely capture memories – but to make memories – and to expand the quality of our lives through the adventure of photography.

And to help us all through this time of worldwide challenge.

Time for you to join us.

What Is Photo BootCamp Academy?

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a place to start, or a seasoned photographer looking to improve your skills, BootCamp has everything to help you to take your photography to new levels of enjoyment and progress.

BootCamp comes with everything an amateur or professional photographer could need including:

Monthly Masterclass

Up-to-date trainings (so you’re always on top of the latest techniques and technology)

BootCamp Challenge

Proven step-by-step backyard challenges (so focused practice hones your newfound skills)

Friendly Community

And a community of peers and pros who give you encouragement and advice to become a better, more confident photographer


 MASTERCLASS SESSIONS: A progressive learning path that guides you through the skills you need to take better photos.

 BACKYARD PHOTO CHALLENGES: Fun assignments that help you practice your newfound skills.

 FEEDBACK FROM PRO'S & PEERS: Take your learning to a whole new level as you receive feedback, give feedback, and read the ideas other members share and receive.

 NO PHOTO SNOBS: We have the world’s most amazing community of positive, supportive photography friends.

 MONTHLY MAGAZINE: Your chance to be featured in our monthly magazine showcasing images from the monthly challenge.

 INSPIRATION & ENCOURAGEMENT: The motivation and support you need to refresh your passion in photography.

 ASK A PRO: Got questions? Our panel of pros has the answers.

 MOBILE ACCESS: Login anytime, anywhere for easy access to all lessons and member discussions.

Join Our Friendly Photo Community

I have been part of other groups over the past few years and BootCamp is the first group that I have felt comfortable with. Bootcamp has got me out taking photos on my own and I feel confident when doing so. Bootcamp has given me that structure, confidence, and ability in myself which I did not think I had.

Denis O'Byrne


I have learned so much from everyone's encouragement and suggestions.

Peter Brody


I am so thankful I joined this great group. I appreciate all that I have learned and the new ideas I have gotten by seeing your photos and for the comments you have provided to me in the past.

Christine Domingo


BootCamp has helped me feel more confident with my photographic skills. It is a "safe haven" where none of the participants are threatening and we all treat each other with respect. I am constantly bragging at work, telling them that I am part of bootcamp and that they should join as soon as they have the chance.

Juan Acosta


ENDS TODAY: FREE for 30 days


First 30 days are FREE

Cancel at any time

60 Day - No Risk Triple Guarantee

(see more in FAQ below)

About Your BootCamp Leader – Brent Mail

Brent is an award winning, full-time professional photographer. But he doesn’t care for accolades. He just loves taking stunning photos. And showing others how to do it too.

He’s been teaching photography workshops for more than 10 years and has helped thousands of photographers (just like you) get better at their hobby and craft.

He’s particularly passionate about inspiring you to get out of the books, close your computer, pick up your camera, and get out and take photos. And he guides you with highly-practical masterclass sessions that help you make fast progress with loads of fun.

Brent grew up in South Africa, has travelled the globe taking photos, and now lives with his family near the beach in Australia – the perfect spot for him to enjoy nature and surf every day.

His perfect days starts with a good espresso coffee and ends with a hot Thai curry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It's FREE right, so why do I need to enter my credit card/PayPal info?

A: Your 30-Day Associate Membership is 100% free. And there is no obligation to continue for a single day after that. Yet, once you enjoy all the fun, and experience real improvement in your photography, I know you're going to want to stay with us. So, to save you having to remember to renew, and to lock in your membership at the discounted rate (for life), we'll take care of the details upfront. But you won't be charged a cent until after 30 days -- even then you're covered by my no risk triple guarantee (and if you cancel before 30 days you will never be charged).

Q: I’m new to photography – is this too advanced for me?

A: Many new members are just getting started in photography. And that’s the best time to join. The 24 past Masterclass Sessions will give you a solid grounding in the basics of photography. As you complete each new Masterclass, you will see your skill and progress improve more quickly than you thought possible. And you’ll have an entire community of encouraging photographers to help you.

Q: How does Photo BootCamp Academy Work?

A: Photo BootCamp Academy is a supportive community of photographers who are looking for a fun way to improve at photography. You will experience progress in your skills and enjoyment as you (a) watch each monthly Masterclass Session (b) complete the Backyard Photo Challenge (c) receive feedback on your photos (d) help other members by giving your feedback.

Q: Why is this method of learning photography so effective?

A: Too many people try to get better at photography by reading books, taking courses, and watching YouTube videos. While that helps, nothing beats getting out-and-about with your camera. Photo BootCamp Academy gives you the knowledge through the monthly Masterclass Sessions, helps you apply your newfound knowledge and turn it into experience through the Backyard Photo Challenges, and helps you refine your results through pro and peer feedback, and finally you solidify everything you learn by giving feedback and helping other members. It’s the ultimate process of: learn, do, teach.

Q: Are there any ‘trolls’?

A: I know what it feels like to be ‘attacked’ online. When I first started in photography, the ‘criticism’ of a troll almost made me quit. As a member of Photo BootCamp Academy you’ll never be made to feel like that. On the contrary, you’ll experience genuine encouragement and support from like-minded photographers who are looking for a fun way to improve their photography.

Q: What style of photography does BootCamp focus on?

A: Each Masterclass focuses on a different theme. This is carried through in the Backyard Photo Challenge and online discussion for the month. Subjects are broad and varied. You are welcome to make topic suggestions. And you can ask questions at any time.

Q: Are there any contracts or commitments?

A: No. You can upgrade or cancel at any time and for any reason. Simply send a quick email to SUPPORT if you decide to cancel.

Q: Is membership global?

A: Yes, we have members from all around the world including (and not limited to) USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Cayman Islands, Thailand, Hong Kong, Israel and of course Australia and New Zealand. Whether you come from one of those countries or somewhere else, we can’t wait to meet you and help you take your photography hobby to new levels of enjoyment and progress.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes, I've added a No Risk Triple Guarantee (plus an honest ‘reminder’)

I know how scary it can be to jump into a community for the first time (especially if you’ve been ‘flamed’ by a troll like I was when I first started taking photos). I know what it’s like to waste money on expensive books and courses that are full of ‘fluff’ and academic theory that sounds impressive but doesn’t do anything to help you take better photos. And I know what it’s like to be busy -- short of time – and in need of ‘quick tips’ that help you make progress straight away.

That’s why I give you these 3 no-fear, no-risk guarantees...

Guarantee #1: Every month you will receive highly-practical Masterclass Training that zeros in on the things that really matter. No fluff. No academic twaddle. Just ‘quick tips’ that help you make progress straight away.
Guarantee #2: Along with your monthly Masterclass Training, you will be inspired to take action (a.k.a. grab your camera and take photos) with carefully structured Backyard Photo Challenges. Nobody masters a skill with instruction alone. You must practice. But the way we do it, the journey is the prize. It’s fun!
Guarantee #3: I personally join dozens of members who login to BootCamp every single day to upload images and offer encouraging, helpful hints. My team and I are always available to answer questions and lend a hand.
Honest Reminder: Like everything worthwhile in life, you’ll only get from BootCamp what you put in. If you don’t watch the 10-minute Masterclass Training, complete the fun Backyard Photo Challenges, or login to BootCamp to receive and give helpful suggestions, you won’t get anything from being a member. This is not a magic pill. It’s a community of fun, friendly people who simply want to take their love for photography to new levels of enjoyment and progress.

“If you try BootCamp for 30 days and decide it’s not for you, that’s totally fine. Just say so (by sending me an email) and I’ll immediately refund your membership fee in full.

I’ll be grateful you gave it a go, and that we had the chance to meet. And I’ll look forward to bumping into you again in the future, and helping you take your love for photography to new levels of enjoyment and progress.” Brent Mail

Friends From All Around the World
Having Fun and Improving Together

So many heartfelt stories and photos being posted this month. It truly is a blessing to be part of such an amazing group of people.

Valerie Worthen


I have gained inspiration, both from your enthusiasm, excellent images and so many great images posted by the other Bootcampers.

Sig Rannem


I value all the feedback I receive from fellow members. They feel like friends from all over the world and have helped me improve both the technical aspects and my vision.

Leila Sullivan


Love being able to interact with like-minded people about the art of photography and discussing techniques.
It is also refreshing to see perspectives from someone else's eye, to see how the view the same image.
So far, this whole process has been inspirational, looking forward to improving and to helping others as i go!

Christine Rocher


I am loving the interaction with people from all walks of life, and around the world. I have learned a lot. The challenges are precise and concise and offer a new learning platform each month.
Instead of going out and taking shots, I am now looking at the light, positioning, how can I make it interesting, and planning my shoots in a more constructive way.
The monthly magazine is magic and full of good data and a great summary of each challenge.

Denis O'Byrne


It already feels like a community - I'm loving it! The people are nice and lots of great feedback. I feel like I'm making improvements to my photography already!

Christin McLeod


I love the BootCamp Challenge. It's awesome to see your photos from someone else's point of view. Just a simple fix made all the difference in my photo! I really appreciate that there are all types of skill levels in BootCamp and we all have different passions. I am just a beginner at photography but I am already obsessed.

Kathy Potter


I value your option as a professional and I am always excited to learn how to improve, I just love being part of BootCamp!

Phyllis Kennedy


BootCamp is a great interactive place to try out different photography techniques and get friendly feedback.
The theme for the month provides me with ideas to include in my general photography and I have already learnt new things from many tips provided in the comments on my photos and other BootCampers photos, which I now use to try out and hopefully take better photos.
Love it!
I have seen the new magazine. Another month of a variety of amazing images and the helpful commentary that goes with them.

Rodney Charlton


I really like the concept of Bootcamp and find it to be a fun, encouraging site. I like the fact that you give a video to start each month’s challenge explaining what the challenge is and give examples so that the members can be inspired to go out and shoot.
I also like the fact that you as the professional give a critique on each photo.

Belinda Davis


I’m having fun following the assignments and engaging with other participants. My primary reason for joining was to give myself a push to do more with my photography and learn from others. It is working because I want to post strong images and I’m forcing myself to practice new techniques in the field and in digital processing.
I appreciate the thoughtful feedback that participants provide to each other and I see potential for strong photo-friend relationships to develop (no pun intended 🙂 ) over time.

Judy Ward


I have learned so much from BootCamp that I don't know where to start. I like the monthly "focus", with lessons and sufficient time to practice a particular concept. I also like the ability to search back through my older photos to find examples of our theme. That gives me confidence that I have used some of the techniques even before really knowing what I was doing.

The feedback from you, Rerro, Denis and the rest of the group is really valuable and allows me to refine my own artistic view while also learning the different approaches.

Seeing posted photos through another photographer's eye has broadened my "eye" as well; sometimes I think about a different perspective I might have taken.

Lastly, I've learned a lot more about post-processing and how it can help me express what I want to say about a photo. Love BootCamp, keep it up!

Leila Sullivan



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