How to Approach and Compose Every Photo to

Capture the Story

& Soul of Your Subject

“This is the key that transformed my photos from snapshots that people looked at... to art they feel and experience.
And I can't wait to share it with you."

Brent Mail

I think the recipe cards and checklist is a great idea that few photographers have done before.... and none so well. I like the digital format, and the ability to put it all on the phone.

Hamish Macarthur-Onslow

Like many photographers, do you sometimes wonder where to start when approaching a scene -- what lens to use, what angle to shoot from, and what to include and exclude from the frame?

Do you question what rules to follow (and when you should forget the rules altogether)?

Do you sometimes feel rushed to capture the moment, and end up with some nice snapshots, but not very interesting photographs?

Do you second-guess your abilities and wonder if you just don’t have the eye? Or if you may be trying too hard?

Every photographer I know feels this way. I used to as well.

But after years of professional and personal photography all around the world, I developed a way to compose photos to capture the story and soul of the subject.

A repeatable process that takes the pressure off and allows me to be more creative.

And an approach that transforms your photos from snapshots that people look at… to art they feel and experience.

It’s been amazing to share this approach with private students. And now through my new course, Composition Recipe Cards, I’m delighted to share my unique approach so you too can have the freedom and confidence to make more interesting photos you feel proud of.

Brent Mail

Never again struggle to know where to start in composing a photo (what lens, zoom, settings, angle, crop to choose)

Never again suffer cliché, flat, boring photos -- discover how to take photos that people feel and experience


Composition Photo Recipe Cards

Proven Short-Cut Composition Secrets to Help You
Capture the Story and Soul in 64 Scenes



 HOW TO CREATE DEEPER, MORE MEANINGFUL PHOTO'S: By following my proven "Recipe" you will be photographing each scene like a professional - fast!

 GAIN CONFIDENCE: You'll learn to overcome that pressure of not knowing where to begin when you approach a scene.

 RELEASE YOUR CREATIVITY: Free yourself to have fun – and take photos that are more meaningful, moving and memorable.

 QUICK & EASY: My ‘Composition Recipe Cards’ are the quickest and easiest way to short-cut your way to taking amazing photos.

 PHOTO CHEAT SHEET: I've distilled 17 years of photography experience onto each card.

 SHORT-CUT YOUR LEARNING CURVE by simply modelling what I did to capture & polish these 64 stunning images.

GET THE ORIGINAL IMAGES & PRESETS Download the original RAW images and the finished presets to learn how to polish your images like a pro.


TWO EXAMPLE IMAGES: Each recipe card is demonstrated with 2 example images (including in-field shooting notes) to give you ideas and inspiration.

BRENTS PRO TIPS: Extra ideas and instructions most photographers never consider.

RECIPE OUTLINE: Easy-to-follow distilled explanation of how this composition recipe works and why it's important.

INGREDIENTS: The exact equipment and camera settings used in each of the example images including focal length, shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Each recipe card contains the distilled secrets of 17 years of pro photography experience presented in easy-to-follow quick glance bullets.

PREP: How to prepare for the photo shoots - what to bring along and how to make sure the shoot will be a success (including time needed).

COOK: How to go about applying this composition rule to a real-life situation. I also explain why it's important to use the settings I did for each image.

PRESENTATION: The final piece of the pie - how to refine these images using post processing techniques for presentation online or on your wall.

Simply follow these easy instructions to get amazing photos every time you pick up your camera, no matter what scene you encounter.

(Digital Download: Save to phone or print and carry with you)

32 Lessons That Will Change the Way

You Approach and Compose Photos

Each lesson will guide you through a specific photo scenario, giving you step-by-step instructions to get the perfect shot. Yes, the technical details are all there – the shutter speed, aperture, ISO and even suggested focal-length.

But more importantly, each lesson reveals the thinking behind the photo, so you learn how to capture and communicate the story and soul of the subject including…

Angle of View (Bird's Eye)

Angle of View (Bug's Eye)


Colour - Analogous

Colour - Complementary

Colour - Cool

Colour - Warm


Depth & Focus

  • How to choose the best angle to shoot from
  • How to use colour to bring equilibrium and harmony to a scene
  • How to use symmetry to draw people deep into your photo
  • How to fire up your photos (works brilliantly for sunsets and night-time photography)
  • Discover how to harness the natural phenomenon of opposites to create eye-popping images
  • Want your photos to tell a story? If you ever travel, you NEED this recipe!

Direction of Motion


Focal Point



Lines - Leading

Lines - Converging

Lines - Curved

Lines - Horizontal

  • How to get others to feel the energy and adventure in your photos!
  • Discover how to use ‘focal point’ to bring your photos to life
  • Give your photos a natural frame and draw your viewer deeper into your image
  • How to use natural ‘arrows’ to guide people to the heart of your photo (follow recipe #16 and your travel photos will make postcards look boring)
  • Learn how to ‘draw’ free-hand (it will make your images raw, emotional, and believable)

Lines - Vertical

Lines - Diagonal



Negative Space

Rule of 3rds

Golden Spiral

Golden Triangle


  • Should you always zoom in and fill the frame? See recipe #23 for this counterintuitive way to add excitement to your images
  • Okay, so you’ve heard about the rule of thirds. But you feel like it makes your images look a bit contrived? Forget the packet mix version of this rule – get the real recipe on page 73 and see how to apply this rule properly
  • The world is full of colour, shapes and textures. Learn how to combine them for visual brilliance
  • Use the ‘do-you-see-what-I-see’ technique in recipe #29 to make people feel like they were right there with you when you took the photo
  • And much more!


Human Element

Perspective - Wide

Perspective - Tele



Why Is Composition So Important?

They say the eyes are the ‘window to the soul’. Well, composition is the ‘window’ you create to help people see, feel and experience the soul of the subject you are photographing.

It’s how you arrange all the elements in your camera’s viewfinder before you press the shutter button…

  • What to include / exclude in your image (crop)
  • What perspective to choose (Bug’s-eye, bird’s-eye)
  • Where to place the primary subject (rule of thirds, negative space)
  • How close / far away you should be (zoom)
  • How to use light, lines, shapes and colours to focus attention and tell a story
  • The relationship between foreground and background objects

Composition makes the difference between a snapshot that tells the facts of the scene… and art that tells the story of the scene.

Composition lets people see how you saw and felt when taking the photo. And it invites them to see and feel the same things.

Here, let me show you.

Which Photo Do You Prefer?

The same location. The same equipment. The same subject, but vastly different results. All because of composition.

  • Depicts the facts
  • Shows what the photographer saw
  • Invites a cursory glance
  • Looks like a snapshot – common and cliché
  • Conveys basic information about the scene
  • Tells the story
  • Shows how the photographer felt
  • Compels the viewer to gaze deeply and experience the image
  • Feels like art -- unique, intriguing and mesmerising
  • Invites people to know something special about you

What Will Composition Recipe Cards Do for You?

#1 You’ll Get Instant Results
Simply follow the recipes (they work!) and you’ll get amazing photos straight away. Epic landscapes to hang on your wall. Breathtaking nature shots to feature on Instagram. Glamorous portraits that transform your Facebook posts. In short, your photos will ‘rock’!

#2 You’ll Be a Better, More Confident Photographer
Armed with my proven recipes, you’ll no longer second guess your decisions. No more worrying about looking like a novice or feeling embarrassed, confused or stressed when you approach a scene. As you follow the simple composition instructions and dial in the settings, you’ll be learning, practicing and mastering new skills. And before you know it, you’ll be experimenting and adding your own style and personality to the recipes.

#3 Hours of Photographic Fun
Carry the recipes with you (on your phone or in your camera bag) and refer to them whenever you see a photo opportunity. Set aside special times to try the recipes. Visit new places. Get off the beaten track. Bring friends and enjoy a real adventure. But don’t forget the opportunities all around you. Try this: Read a recipe a day. Look for an opportunity to use the recipe that very day. And enjoy the amazing progress you make as your skills improve.

Enrol Now, Better Than Risk-Free

Composition Recipe Cards is only available until Midnight (LA time) 22nd November 2019. Enrol now and if you feel this course isn’t for you, simply send me an email within 30 days and I’ll not give you a full refund, you can keep the incredible bonuses with my thanks for giving it a try.

Enrol now because this is the only time this course will be offered in 2019, and the last time it will ever be offered at this price.

How Do Composition Photo Recipe Cards
Help You Take Better Photos?

Have you ever tried to bake a cake without a recipe? It’s tough to remember all the ingredients isn’t it – how much flour, sugar, butter etc.

However, when you have a recipe, it’s easy. Just measure the ingredients, mix it up, pop it in the oven, and the result is delicious.

Well, it’s the same with photography. Every type of photo has a recipe – a method for getting an amazing result. The problem is, it’s hard to remember the method when you need it most – when you’re in the field trying to take a photo.

And you can’t carry all your instructional books around with you. Or can you?

My Composition Photo Recipe Cards contain the exact ‘recipe’ for 32 different types of scenes. No fluff. No big books to carry.

Just the step-by-step instructions you need to get the perfect shot. Short punchy ‘bites’ you can read in seconds – presented on easy-to-carry printable cards.

(Digital Download: Save to phone or print and carry with you)

What People Are Saying About These Photo Recipe Cards

Your product and presentation is outstanding! Very well thought out and the material is engaging and more than anything....simple to understand and to follow along. I know it took many hours and late nights for you to put it together, but your effort clearly shines through. Through your landscape recipe cards, I'm not just learning an effective, reliable workflow....but I'm also learning how to enjoy the experience in the process. Great resource! Thank you!

Danny Alford

I was impressed with how well you put it all together. The presentation and photos are all top quality! It's all very professional and easy to follow for people like me who have a hard time really understanding the technical stuff with cameras.

Jan Lawnikanis

Your "Photography Recipe Cards" are excellent - love the humor included in the optional Accessories!

Ransel Yoho

I think the recipe cards and checklist is a great idea that few photographers have done before.... and none so well. The recipe cards really are a succinct way to get a lot of information across. I like the digital format, and the ability to put it all on the phone. That's something that no photography book authors have really done, or can do. It's designed with actual use as a reference in mind, rather than a book to occasionally glance at away from most photographic opportunities. We definitely need more of that in the photography realm.

Hamish Macarthur-Onslow

Limited One-Time Offer

Although I believe These Photo Recipe Cards are among the most effective tools and training available…

… because they contain 17 years of professional photographic experience, and proven, step-by-step recipes for 32 photo scenarios so you get the perfect shot every time (and quickly become a better, more confident photographer)…

… I wanted to make them easily affordable for every photographer. In fact, I wanted to make them a ‘no-brainer’ addition to every photographer’s camera bag.

That’s why I decided to price them at less than $5 per card. Yes, just $4.65USD for the exact recipe a pro would use to get the perfect shot. Expert tuition and proven secrets to get a wall-worthy photo, all for the cost of a coffee.

Just think about it: How much would a professional photographer charge to tutor you in the field? A Nation Geographic quality photographer who can give you the exact tips to take a perfect shot, and the skills to become a better photographer – fast.

One hundred and fifty dollars an hour wouldn’t be out of the question, would it? Heck, I would have paid double that when I was starting out. And just thinking about the money I’ve made – and the fun I’ve had – taking photos over the years, it would have been worth every cent.

In fact, an investment in expert tuition like this would have saved me hundreds of frustrating hours trying to edit ‘dud’ images.

It would have stopped me wasting thousands of dollars printing enlargements that I soon realised were not worth the paper they were printed on.

And it would have saved me years in trial and error, and fast tracked my way to becoming the photographer I am today.

Even if a $150/hr professional photographer gave you just 15 minutes tuition for each of the 32 shooting scenarios in my new Recipe Card collection, that would add up to $825.

Yet, at just $4.60 each, my new Recipe Cards are only $149USD.

However, in return for an honest review (before I release my Recipe Cards to the general public) -- and I mean it – I’m not looking for flattery, I want a real review -- I’m willing to offer my Composition Photo Recipe Cards to you…

At the one-time special of 35% off – just $97 for all 32 cards.

(That means you'll be getting the complete set for less than $3 per card!)

And I’d like you to test-drive these Photo Recipe Cards with no risk.

If, after trying my recipes in the field for 30 days, you honestly feel you cannot give them a 5-star review, simply ask for your money back and I will refund your purchase price in full.

The quickest and easiest way to become a better, more confident photographer, and get the photo every time…

Grab Your Complete Set Of Composition Photo Recipe Cards Today

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Limited Bonus #1: Personal 1-On-1 Mentoring Session Via Skype (First 5 Students)

Ask me anything… about finding photo opportunities, approaching the shot, choosing the best equipment, capturing the soul of the subject, post processing… anything. Share your photos and get my input and suggestions to improve. And see some of the latest things I’m working on.
Although my commercial fee is $250 an hour, I don’t offer private one-on-one mentoring. This is the only way to get my personal, private advice. And it’s included free for the first 5 students who enrol. ($250 value)

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Limited Bonus #3: 32 Full Resolution RAW Images & Lightroom Presets

raw-colorThe quickest way to learn photography is to model good images. That’s why I’d also like to give you the original, full resolution, RAW images featured in this course so you can see exactly how I photographed each scene.

Then, use the Lightroom Presets (also included) to learn my post-processing techniques. See how I captured (RAW) and enhanced (post-processed) the soul in these images. Included free for every student. ($640 value)

Limited Bonus #4: Composition Power-Checklist

No matter where you are, or what photo opportunity you come across, the Composition Checklist will guide you through every step to ensure you compose your image to capture the soul of the subject. Miss a step and risk a ‘crash-and-burn’ photo. Follow the checklist (like a pilot follows his pre-flight checklist) for certain results – every time. Included free for every student. ($67 value)

Limited BONUS #5: Trial Photo BootCamp Membership (Limited to 125 Students)

I don’t merely want to help you through video and the written word – I want to give you personal help to ensure you master these composition lessons (and have fun in the process).

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I know you’ll love my new Composition Photo Recipe Cards, because they are truly different to any other training you’ve seen. No fluff. No big books to carry. You get…

The distilled secrets of 17 years of photography experience on 32 printable cards you can carry in your camera bag (or on your phone)…

Plus, the step-by-step recipes you need to get the perfect shot – every time…

And the ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ teaching method to become a better, more confident photographer.

All without any risk whatsoever.

In short, you get…

 Lifetime access to my Complete Set of 32 Composition Photo Recipe Cards (digital download) valued at $149

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Grab Your Complete Set Of Composition Recipe Cards Today


(Total Value US$1707)

Interested Yet Have Questions?

Q: Sounds great – but how much is it?

A: Until 22nd November 2019, enrolment for these Composition Recipe Cards is just $97 (USD). This is the only time this course will be offered in 2019, and the last time it will ever be offered at this price.

Q: I’m just beginning in photography – will this course be too advanced for me?

A: With the step-by-step instructions in the recipe cards, you’ll be getting awesome images straight away. Plus, you’ll have a truckload of fun along the way.

Q: I’ve been taking photos for years – will this course be too basic for me?

A: I’ve been taking phots for years too. And I’m still learning every time I pick up my camera. I guarantee you’ll be stretched as I challenge you to really see, feel and capture the soul of your subject and create a body of work you’re truly proud of.

Q: How do I access the course?

A: The full course is hosted on my website permanently and available whenever and wherever you are – desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Simply login to your own dashboard to access all the content (along with other courses you have invested in with me). Go at your own pace. Your access will never expire – so you can revisit in the future to take your skills to even higher levels.

Q: How do I pay and is it secure?

A: Clicking the enrol button will take you to your order page. That’s where you’ll choose to either pay by Stripe (credit card) or PayPal. Both are globally-trusted payment gateways that operate independently (which means nobody – including me – will ever have access to your payment details).

Q: Why US Dollars? Don't you live in Australia

A: I used to live in the USA but now reside in Australia with my family. My PayPal and bank accounts are still in the USA which makes for much easier transactions.

Q: What’s the better than no-risk guarantee?

A: I know you’re going to love this course. After all, I have literally poured my heart and soul into it.

But if for some reason you decide it’s not for you, simply email me within 30 days.

Not only will I refund every cent of your investment, you’re welcome to keep all the bonuses as a thank you for giving it a fair try.

So, if you’re ‘on the fence’, don’t worry. You’re free to enrol, test it out, and if it doesn’t work out, all you have to do is tell me within 30 days. Brent

Q: I have another question – any chance I contact you directly?

A: Sure, I love meeting and talking with photographers. Use the email link below and shoot me a message – I’ll get back to you.

Would You Like to Know How to Approach and Compose Every Photo to Capture the Soul of Your Subject?

Imagine being able to…

  • See the intricate beauty in the world – things that other people miss…
  • Know how to capture this emotional essence through your camera…
  • Share this with the world so they can admire it, feel it, experience it too.

That’s the joy of photography. And with my new Composition Recipe Cards you can experience this joy too


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