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If you've got the photographic books, and watched hours of training videos,
yet still feel disappointed with your sunrise and sunset photos then...

Grab Your Complete Set Of Sunrise/Sunset Recipe Cards Today

Proven Recipes For 22 Amazing Landscape Scenes

Like having a professional landscape photographer
by your side, telling you exactly what to do
to get the perfect shot – anywhere, every time

Print and carry in your camera bag,
or simply save to your phone
for quick reference any time

Love your recipe cards - they are amazing.
Thank you for such a wonderful idea and such a practical set of working photographic recipes.
James Simmons

Disappointed With Your Sunset Images?

Have you ever taken a photo only to be disappointed when you look at the back of your camera? And as you adjust the settings for your second attempt, you think to yourself...

“If only someone could tell me what went wrong and exactly how to fix it.”

...Perhaps you’ve found yourself looking through your view finder at a stunning sunset, wondering how a top landscape photographer would approach the shot.

...Or maybe you’ve spotted a great photo opportunity that reminded you of a camera technique you once read about, and you wished...

“If only I had the book with me to help me get this shot.”

That’s exactly why I created Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards…

Proven, step-by-step recipes for 22 different types of sunrise & sunset photo opportunities, so you get the perfect photo every time.

Proven Short-Cut Secrets To
Stunning Sunrise & Sunset Images
If you’re looking for a proven way to get a perfect sunrise or sunset image every time you pick up your camera (I’m talking wall-worthy-art – the kind of images you see in galleries and famous photography sites)…

And the quickest and easiest way to become a better, more confident photographer, I’ve got good news for you.

My name is Brent Mail. And I’ve just finished packaging my 16 years of experience as a professional photographer, into the most comprehensive and yet easy-to-use instructional cards for taking amazing sunrise and sunset photos.

Carrying my printable Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards in your camera bag (or on your phone), and following their easy instructions, is the surest way to get a perfect image. And it’s the quickest and easiest way to master sunrise and sunset photography once for all.









 HOW TO CREATE AMAZING SUNRISE & SUNSET PHOTO'S: By following my proven "Recipe" you will be photographing sunrise & sunsets like a professional - fast!

 QUICK & EASY: My ‘Sunrise/Sunset Recipe Cards’ are the quickest and easiest way to short-cut your way to taking amazing sunrise & sunset photos.

 PHOTO CHEAT SHEET: I've distilled 16 years of sunrise & sunset photography experience onto each card.

 SHORT-CUT YOUR LEARNING CURVE by simply modelling what I did to capture & polish these 22 stunning images.

GET THE ORIGINAL IMAGES & PRESETS Download the original RAW images and the finished presets to learn how to polish your images like a pro.

TIPS & TRICKS on how to get your sunrise & sunset images to POP!



Sunrise Wave Movement

Lake Dusk

Drone Sunset

First Light Fog

Human Element Sunrise

City Dusk Shot

Waterfall Dusk

Monument Last Light

Blue-Hour Shot

First Light Silhouette

Sunset HDR Reflections

Mountain Sunrise

Last Light Dune

CityScape Dusk

Unique Sunset Shot

Epic Sunrise Shot

Amazing Reflections

Lighthouse Rays

Smokey Sunset

Light Rays

Sunrise Silouette

Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards is a gold mine of tips on how to get the perfect photo in any sunrise or sunset situation.
Each card contains…

Shooting location/direction

Time of day

Weather conditions

Camera specs

Suggested lens

Helpful accessories

Composition ideas

Shutter speed



Histogram samples

Mistakes to avoid

Experimentation ideas

Post processing tips

Each RECIPE CARD Includes:

INGREDIENTS: The exact equipment and camera settings to use.

PREP: How to prepare for the photo shoots, what to bring along.

COOK: How to capture each image and why to use certain settings.

PRESENTATION: The optimal Lightroom settings for post-production.

BRENTS PRO TIPS: My short-cut secrets to make it easy for you to replicate these amazing photos.

Simply follow these easy instructions to get amazing landscape photos every time you pick up your camera, no matter what scene you encounter.


Meet Brent

I'm an award winning, full-time professional photographer.

I’m passionate about photography, and I love teaching others how to create stunning images too.
I’ve been teaching photography workshops for many years, and have helped thousands of photographers (just like you) get better at their craft.
I grew up in South Africa and now I live with my family near the beach in Australia. I love nature, especially the ocean. I surf everyday.
Love to travel, a good espresso coffee, and a very hot Thai curry.

How Do Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards
Help You Take Better Photos?

Have you ever tried to bake a cake without a recipe? It’s tough to remember all the ingredients isn’t it – how much flour, sugar, butter etc.

However, when you have a recipe, it’s easy. Just measure the ingredients, mix it up, pop it in the oven, and the result is delicious.

Well, it’s the same with photography. Every type of photo has a recipe – a method for getting an amazing result. The problem is, it’s hard to remember the method when you need it most – when you’re in the field trying to take a photo.

And you can’t carry all your instructional books around with you. Or can you?

My Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards contain the exact ‘recipe’ for 22 different types of sunrise and sunset scenes. No fluff. No big books to carry.

Just the step-by-step instructions you need to get the perfect shot. Short punchy ‘bites’ you can read in seconds – presented on easy-to-carry printable cards.

(Digital Download: Save to phone or print and carry with you)

How Do Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards
Help You Become a Better Photographer?

The truth is, just reading books and watching YouTube clips won’t make you a better photographer.

There’s only ONE way to get better at photography: You have to pick up your camera and practice taking photos.

The problem is, this type of ‘trial and error’ approach takes years. And it’s frustrating deleting more images than you keep.

Following my Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to master photography once for all, because it turns practice into PERFECT PRACTICE.

As you dial in the proven ‘recipes’, you’ll start to think like a master photographer. And you’ll be encouraged to keep practicing because your photos will be stunning.



















Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards In Action...

Picture it…

You’re standing on a spectacular beach just before sunrise. The sand is cool on your feet, the sound of the waves almost hypnotic as your excitement builds.

You’ve glanced at the Human Element Sunrise Recipe Card so you’re totally prepared. Now you just have to dial in the settings, follow the composition instructions, and start shooting.

You check the histogram on your camera with the sample histogram provided on the recipe card, make micro-adjustments, and enjoy the moment.

You’ve just captured an Epic Sunrise complete with silky water lapping the contrasting grainy sand, coral-pink cotton-wool clouds dancing in the sky, and a golden glow sneaking above the horizon that hints something spectacular is about to happen.

Scanning the scene, you spot a tree you’d like to feature in the foreground.

So, you grab the Sunrise Silhouette Recipe Card from your camera bag, dial in the new settings, and now you’ve just captured another magical morning memory.

Now you turn away from the ocean towards the hinterland mountain range. It’s still early and the rugged peaks are bathed in an eerie blue mist. Rising above one of the peaks you spot a hot-air balloon.

You quickly reach for your Mountain Sunrise Recipe Card. In less than a minute, you’ve followed the ‘recipe’, and have your third wall-worthy photo for the morning.

Not Mere Theory – It’s An Education In The Field

Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards are like having a professional photographer by your side. Not only will you get amazing photos every time, you’ll become a better, more confident photographer as you learn how to…

(Use the handy checklist provided to make sure you've packed everything & don't forget any crucial steps)

  • Prepare for every shot (including camera, lens, and accessories)

  • Evaluate different scenes (including primary subject, engaging composition, accurate lighting, and more)

  • Picture the ultimate end result (including tone, focal point, story, and more)

  • Master your camera (and feel confident with the features and settings)

  • Analyse results in the field (including effective use of histograms)

  • Use micro-adjustments to get a better RAW image (without post-processing)

  • Enjoy the process and the outcome (with less dud shots and more wall-worthy, amazing photos)

Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards Work Because…

  • They contain the distilled secrets of 16 years of sunrise and sunset photography experience, presented in easy-to-follow, quick-glance bullets

  • Each card outlines the exact recipe for a specific sunrise or sunset scenario including focal setting, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and composition (simply follow the recipe and get a perfect result every time)

  • No heavy books to lug – each card is easy to print, laminate, and carry in your camera bag for quick reference in the field

    (Digital Download: Save to phone or print and carry with you)

  • Each recipe is demonstrated with a stunning photographic example to give you ideas and inspiration

  • Includes equipment list so you can always be prepared with the right camera gear for each photo opportunity

  • Features a graphical histogram so you can compare your camera’s onboard histogram to ensure a perfect result

  • Bonus ‘Pro Tips’ with extra ideas and instructions most photographers never consider

  • Post processing techniques to further enhance your image for presentation online or on your wall

(Digital Download: Save to phone or print and carry with you)

  • Links to extra resources to further your education and improve your results

  • Harnesses the ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ learning method so you see instant improvement in your skills and confidence

  • Like having a professional photography instructor by your side, telling you exactly how to get the perfect shot

  • Suitable for beginning and experienced photographers (gain 16 years’ worth of secrets, in minutes)

  • Ongoing, expert, in-the-field tuition, for the price of a few coffees

  • 22 different sunrise & sunset recipes to cover almost every shooting opportunity you can imagine (including shots you’ve never seen before, and techniques you’ve always wanted to know how to do)

What People Are Saying About These Photo Recipe Cards

Your product and presentation is outstanding! Very well thought out and the material is engaging and more than anything....simple to understand and to follow along. I know it took many hours and late nights for you to put it together, but your effort clearly shines through. Through your landscape recipe cards, I'm not just learning an effective, reliable workflow....but I'm also learning how to enjoy the experience in the process. Great resource! Thank you!
Danny Alford

I was impressed with how well you put it all together. The presentation and photos are all top quality! It's all very professional and easy to follow for people like me who have a hard time really understanding the technical stuff with cameras.
Jan Lawnikanis

Your "Photography Recipe Cards" are excellent - love the humor included in the optional Accessories!
Ransel Yoho

Limited One-Time Offer

Although I believe These Photo Recipe Cards are among the most effective tools and training available…

… because they contain 16 years of professional photographic experience, and proven, step-by-step recipes for 22 sunrise and sunset photo scenarios so you get the perfect shot every time (and quickly become a better, more confident photographer)…

… I wanted to make them easily affordable for every photographer. In fact, I wanted to make them a ‘no-brainer’ addition to every photographer’s camera bag.

That’s why I decided to price them at just $5 per card. Yes, just $5USD for the exact recipe a pro would use to get the perfect sunrise or sunset shot. Expert tuition and proven secrets to get a wall-worthy landscape photo, all for the cost of a large coffee.

Just think about it: How much would a professional photographer charge to tutor you in the field? A Nation Geographic quality landscape photographer who can give you the exact tips to take a perfect shot, and the skills to become a better photographer – fast.

One hundred and fifty dollars an hour wouldn’t be out of the question, would it? Heck, I would have paid double that when I was starting out. And just thinking about the money I’ve made – and the fun I’ve had – taking sunrises and sunsets over the years, it would have been worth every cent.

In fact, an investment in expert tuition like this would have saved me hundreds of frustrating hours trying to edit ‘dud’ images.

It would have stopped me wasting thousands of dollars printing enlargements that I soon realised were not worth the paper they were printed on.

And it would have saved me years in trial and error, and fast tracked my way to becoming the photographer I am today.

Even if a $150/hr professional photographer gave you just 15 minutes tuition for each of the 22 sunrise and sunset shooting scenarios in my new Recipe Card collection, that would add up to $825.

Yet, at just $5 each, my new Recipe Cards are only $110USD.

However, in return for an honest review -- and I mean it – I’m not looking for flattery, I want a real review -- I’m willing to offer my Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards to you…

At the one-time special of 65% off – just $39 for all 22 cards.

(That means you'll be getting the complete set for less than $2 per card!)

And I’d like you to test-drive these Photo Recipe Cards with no risk.

If, after trying my recipes in the field for 30 days, you honestly feel you cannot give them a 5-star review, simply ask for your money back and I will refund your purchase price in full.

The quickest and easiest way to become a better, more confident photographer, and get the perfect sunrise and sunset photo every time…

Grab Your Complete Set Of Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards Today

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Click ‘Add To Cart’ now to get your complete set of 22 Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards + get 3 Free Bonuses (details below)

Order Now And Receive These 3 Awesome BONUSES



raw-colorDownload the original full resolution RAW images so that you can see exactly how I photographed each scene. The quickest way to learn photography is to model good images.


  • 22 RAW Images from these epic sunrise & sunset photo shoots



psdDownload the Lightroom Presets so that you can apply them to the RAW images and learn exactly how I post processed these images to make them pop!


  • My "Starting Point for Landscapes" LR Preset
  • 22 Fully Finished LR Presets from each of the 22 Recipe Cards


BONUS 3: TRIAL PHOTO BOOTCAMP MEMBERSHIP (Limited to first 20 Students)

I don’t merely want to help you through video and the written word – I want to give you personal help to ensure you master these composition lessons (and have fun in the process).

That’s why I’d like to give you 30 days membership in my premiere community, so I can personally critique your images and offer specific suggestions to help you grow as a photographer.

You’ll also received helpful input from hundreds of other developing photographers, and have the chance to see their growth as they post photos. And you’ll take part in our monthly masterclasses and assignments. ($36 value)

To receive this bonus, be sure to upgrade your order with a Trial Photo BootCamp Membership for just $1 which includes:

  • Monthly Master Class Training
  • Practical Assignments
  • Constructive Feedback from Pro's
  • Become Published in BootCamp Magazine
  • 30 Days trial for $1 (For NEW Members only, not valid for current BootCamp members)




I know you’ll love my new Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards, because they are truly different to any other training you’ve seen. No fluff. No big books to carry. You get…

The distilled secrets of 16 years of sunrise and sunset photography experience on 22 printable cards you can carry in your camera bag (or on your phone)…

Plus, the step-by-step recipes you need to get the perfect sunrise or sunset shot – every time…

And the ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ teaching method to become a better, more confident photographer.

All without any risk whatsoever.

In short, you get…

 Lifetime access to my Complete Set of 22 Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards (digital download) valued at $110

BONUS 1: 22 Full Resolution RAW Images valued at $470

BONUS 2: 22 Lightroom Presets valued at $195

BONUS 3: Trial Photo BootCamp Membership valued at $36 USD (After Checkout - Upgrade for just $1)

Grab Your Complete Set Of Sunrise/Sunset Recipe Cards Today

Flash Sale: Save 65% Today


(Total Value US$838)

Interested Yet Have Questions?

Q: Sounds great – but how much is it?

A: Until Midnight on 27th September 2022 (LA time), enrolment for these Recipe Cards is just $39 (USD).

Q: Are these Recipe Cards shipped or can I download them?

A: These Recipe Cards are an instant download that you can print at home or at your local mini-lab (very cheaply). Most photographers download them onto their phones so that they have them close at all times.

Q: I’m just beginning in photography – will this course be too advanced for me?

A: With the step-by-step instructions in the recipe cards, you’ll be getting awesome images straight away. Plus, you’ll have a truckload of fun along the way.

Q: How do I access the course?

A: The full course is hosted on my website permanently and available whenever and wherever you are – desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Simply login to your own dashboard to access all the content (along with other courses you have invested in with me). Go at your own pace. Your access will never expire – so you can revisit in the future to take your skills to even higher levels.

Q: How do I pay and is it secure?

A: Clicking the enrol button will take you to your order page. That’s where you’ll choose to either pay by Stripe (credit card) or PayPal. Both are globally-trusted payment gateways that operate independently (which means nobody – including me – will ever have access to your payment details).

Q: Why US Dollars? Don't you live in Australia

A: I used to live in the USA but now reside in Australia with my family. My PayPal and bank accounts are still in the USA which makes for much easier transactions.

Q: What’s the better than no-risk guarantee?

A: I know you’re going to love this course. After all, I have literally poured my heart and soul into it.

But if for some reason you decide it’s not for you, simply email me within 30 days.

Not only will I refund every cent of your investment, you’re welcome to keep all the bonuses as a thank you for giving it a fair try.

So, if you’re ‘on the fence’, don’t worry. You’re free to enrol, test it out, and if it doesn’t work out, all you have to do is tell me within 30 days. Brent

Bonus Preview Tip: The Truth About Learning Photography

Trying to teach yourself photography is difficult, and it takes years of trial and error (mostly error, in the form of deleted photos)

Reading, watching, and listening to books, courses, Podcasts and YouTube videos may be entertaining, but it does very little to make you a better photographer (because you forget most of what you see and hear, and you don’t have the information you need when it counts – when you’re in the field shooting)

The ONLY way to get better at photography QUICKLY is to PRACTICE PERFECTLY. And the best way to do that is to model other photographers.

All good artists do it – painters, musicians, and photographers – they all ‘copy’ the techniques of more experienced artists. Once they reach a level of mastery, they add their own twist and personality to bring something unique and new to the world. But the quickest way to learn and get good results – the ultimate learning hack – is to model the techniques of someone more experienced.

And Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards makes it easy because they contain proven, step-by-step recipes from a professional landscape photographer with more than 16 years' experience -- recipes you can copy to learn new skills and get the perfect photo every time.

Your Two Options

ONE: Sure, you can continue your path of snail-like trial and error, patiently improving in the coming years.

And you can keep trying to remember the techniques you learn in books, courses, and online programs.

TWO: Or… you can invest a small $110 $39 to prove Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards for yourself at no risk, and gain 16 years of experience distilled into 22 printable instructional cards to carry in your camera bag for easy reference.

It’s like having a professional landscape photographer by your side, telling you exactly what to do to get the perfect shot – anywhere, every time.

Don’t procrastinate. Get your complete set of Sunrise/Sunset Photo Recipe Cards and become a better, more confident photographer today.


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