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Struggling With Focus?

Are you like most of us photographers who rush back to your computer, excited to download your images... but all too often you feel disappointed by what you see?

Especially when your best images are spoiled because of focus issues?

  • Sometimes depth of field has thrown the main subject off.
  • Sometimes movement – either camera shake or motion in the scene – is the culprit.
  • And sometimes it’s an auto-focus issue or an imbalance in shutter speed and zoom.
    Whatever the cause, one thing’s for sure – it’s disheartening to have to ‘bin’ an image...

    Especially when it’s your favourite shot of the day, or one that can never be relived.

    But the good news is, you’re not alone. And as I’m about to show you, focus mistakes can easily be fixed.

    Most Photographers Struggle With This

    A few months back I surveyed 21,963 photographers asking them to tell me their biggest photographic challenge.

    And by far the most common frustration had to do with focus.

     Lots of people said they struggle to get the right focus when taking portraits and group photos

     Others get disappointing results with landscapes (especially with foreground features or in low-light conditions like sunrises and sunsets)

     Many said they find it hard to get tack-sharp images when shooting moving objects like kids, pets, and sports

     And almost everybody said they are frustrated by inconsistent results and wish there was a way to get sharper, clearer, more vibrant photos all the time

    The Cost of Missing a Memory

    I know how disappointing, frustrating, and even embarrassing it can be. After all, you’ve invested hundreds – sometimes thousands of dollars – in expensive camera equipment. You’ve bought books and courses. And you’ve been taking photos for years.

    Still, many of your best images are spoiled by focus issues.

     One-off moments like a wedding kiss, your child’s first steps, graduation day, or a precious holiday memory – missed because of poor focus

     High hopes dashed as a day taking photos turns into disappointment in front of your computer, with more ‘duds’ than ‘keepers’

     And years of photo frustration – hundreds of images that lack clarity and vibrancy

    I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted in Lightroom trying to ‘save’ an out-of-focus image -- trying to save a precious memory.

    Overexposed, simply dial it back.

    Underexposed – fixed in seconds.

    But when your image is out of focus – even just a little bit – there’s nothing you can do. That’s why you need to know…

    How to Fix The 12 Most Common
    Focus Mistakes That Spoil Photos
    As I read all the survey replies -- all 487 of them -- I understood the frustration and disappointment people were feeling.

    Because I struggled with the exact same focus issues for years. Issues that spoiled my favourite shots and even caused me to doubt myself as a photographer.

    Yet when I finally discovered the secrets to taking tack-sharp images, everything changed…

    All because I discovered secret ‘fixes’ to the 12 most common focus mistakes that spoil photos.

    And now, I’m excited to share these secrets in my new book (and give you the chance to get a copy at this very special introductory price of just $9).


     No more frustration trying to focus in dark or low contrast light conditions

     No more yelling at the kids (and the dog) to stay still so you can get just one photo in focus

     And no more disappointment with blurry images when you crack open Lightroom

    With Secrets To Tack-Sharp Images your photos will be…

     Sharper (with more ‘pop’)

     Clearer (to bring the emotion to ‘life’)

     More vibrant (with mesmerizing depth)


    In fact, you’ll have everything you need to master the art of taking tack-sharp images – quickly, easily, and consistently – starting today.



    Get Sharper, Clearer, More Vibrant Photos Every Time



     HOW TO NAIL YOUR FOCUS Even when the light is bad and your subject is moving.

     GET SHARPER IMAGES MORE OFTEN That have more vibrancy and POP!

     QUICK & EASY My ‘Secrets to Tack-Sharp Images’ is the quickest and easiest way to short-cut your way to taking sharper photos.

    TIPS & TRICKS on how to get your images tack-sharp every single time!



    To make learning quick and easy I’ve divided this highly practical, quick-read book into 12 short chapters – one for each focus issue including…

    Shutter Speed

    How to overcome focus issues caused by camera shake, zoom lenses, and moving subjects.

    Camera Shake

    Learn critical lessons in holding your camera, choosing a shutter speed, and identifying the main subject.

    Moving Subject

    How to get a tack-sharp images even when your subject won’t stay still (kids and pets).

    Which Focus Mode

    Confused by your camera's focus modes? Discover which focus setting to use in any situation.

    Aperture Mistake

    Wide open aperture is best, right? No, not always especially when shooting portraits!

    No Tripod - No Problem

    Learn my secret to capturing tack-sharp low-light landscapes, even without a tripod.

    Auto-Focus Issues

    Ever had your camera ‘hunting’ for focus? Learn this simple skill and get incredible images.

    Panning & Action Shots

    I'll show you the secret to nailing the perfect action shot without losing the energy.

    Foreground Objects

    I'll show you the secret to making sure the subject is the focal point every time.

    Macro Mistake

    Discover the relationship between aperture and focus & how to fix this common mistake.


    I'll teach you how to use flash to take the mood from gloomy to glad.

    Breaking the Rules

    Discover the counter-intuitive techniques to capturing spectacular shots!


    Meet Brent

    Award winning, full-time professional photographer & videographer.

    I’ve travelled the world and taken hundreds of thousands of photos as a Pro Photographer.

    And as a photography Instructor, my books, courses and YouTube tutorials have helped more than 2 million students.

    I’m passionate about photography, nature (especially the ocean) and art. I surf everyday, enjoy a good espresso coffee, and a very hot Thai curry.

    I grew up in South Africa and now live with my family near the beach in Australia.


    Hey Brent, the tack-sharp images guide is really helpful thanks. The way you've broken down the theory of how to get sharp images is super simple to understand. But it was the common mistakes section with all the real-life before and after examples that I found most beneficial.
    I feel like I know all the technical stuff of how to get a sharp image, but sometimes putting it all together in a difficult situation in the real world is easier said than done. Seeing your examples of mistakes and the exact settings to use to fix them is a game changer, thank you!
    Kyle Tully

    I was impressed with how well you put it all together. The presentation and photos are all top quality! It's all very professional and easy to follow for people like me who have a hard time really understanding the technical stuff with cameras.
    Jan Lawnikanis

    Focus is the one thing you have to get right in camera - it's THAT important!
    Brent has created a killer guide that's going to give you the skills to get tack sharp images every time.
    With real world examples broken down into easy-to-understand chapters this guide is perfect for beginners and intermediate photographers alike.
    Johny Spencer (Pro Photographer)


    I’m so confident that Secrets To Tack-Sharp Images will revolutionize your photography, I give you my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee – FOR LIFE.

    “If you don’t start to take clearer, sharper, more vibrant images immediately… and FAR FEWER DUDS… simply email me and I’ll refund every cent! Even if it’s 6 months from now – a year, or even five years – you’re still protected.”

    But based on the photographers who have trialled this book (and people who have seen their incredible photos), I know that if you simply look at Secrets To Tack-Sharp Images, it will become one of your most prized photographic resources.

    If it wasn’t so, I couldn’t afford to offer this generous guarantee, because I’d be swamped with refund requests. But instead of refunds, I’ve receive long emails explaining how this information is helping photographers all around the world.

    So, you have nothing to lose. And a lifetime of enjoyment capturing irreplaceable family memories, breathtaking landscapes, energy-packed action shots, and flattering portraits, with tack-sharp clarity. Plus, you save 77% today!


    You’ve seen how these secrets changed my photography results.

    You’ve met photographers – just like you – who went from having their favourite images spoiled by focus issues… to now getting vibrant, tack-sharp images every time.

    And you’ve got a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee – FOR LIFE!

    So, are you ready to start taking tack-sharp images too?

    Here's The Deal

    I’ve packed this quick-read book with heaps of secrets to help you overcome the 12 most common focus mistakes that spoil your favourite photos including...

    1. How to choose the perfect Shutter Speed

    2. Stop Camera Shake

    3. Capture Moving Subjects

    4. Choose the right Focus Mode

    5. Dial in the best Aperture

    6. Get sharp images in low-light without a Tripod

    7. Over Auto-Focus issues (including ‘focus-hunting’ in low light)

    8. Use Panning to capture the energy of action shots

    9. Kill Foreground distractions

    10. Make Macro magic

    11. Use Flash to take group shots from gloomy to glad

    12. Break the rules for even more stunning results

    Plus, an in-depth, yet super-practical focus overview and 41 images to help you get results fast. All for just $9 today!

    You also get these BONUS resources

    Order Now And Receive These 2 Awesome BONUSES (Valued at $115)

    Aside from an in-depth book that holds nothing back, your enrolment comes with these valuable resources to help you get faster results.

    BONUS #1: Tack-Sharp Images Mini-Course (3 Video Lessons)

    To help you get the most from this book I've thrown in 3 video lessons that cover the biggest photography mistakes that lead to blurry images. ($79 value)

    1. Shutter speed rule.
    2. How to hold your camera like a pro (most photographers do this wrong).
    3. All about tripods (when to use them and what to do if you don't have one).

    BONUS #2: Trial Photo BootCamp Membership (Limited to 50 Students)

    I don’t merely want to help you through video and the written word – I want to give you personal help to ensure you master these lessons (and have fun in the process).

    That’s why I’d like to give you 30 days membership in my premiere community, so I can personally critique your images and offer specific suggestions to help you grow as a photographer. ($36 value)

    To receive this bonus, be sure to upgrade your order with a Trial Photo BootCamp Membership for just $1 which includes:

    • Monthly Master Class Training
    • Practical Assignments
    • Constructive Feedback from Pro's
    • Become Published in BootCamp Magazine
    • 30 Days trial for $1 (For NEW Members only, not valid for current BootCamp members)

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    (Total Value US$154)


    I recently purchased Secrets to Tack Sharp Images and I read it very carefully...I think it is a valuable resource and I will be referring to it quite often. What I really appreciate are the before and after shots and the way you have solved the problem....especially when you don’t have a tripod with you ! .Thank you Brent

    Laima Ratajczak

    Spent some time with the e-book Secrets to Tack Sharp Images and I found it very helpful, thank you for that and I will be out tomorrow to make use of the tips, especially for closeup and macro shots. Lots of mushrooms sprouting up here in the Pacific Northwest.

    John Miller


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