In this episode you'll discover the secret to boosting your creativity, energy and happiness.

Share - How has a big-mac helped Johny?
Inspire - Riding on your photo-art!
Create - How to keep those creative juices flowing.

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Johny & Brent

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In this episode:

(00:42) – Johny shares how a Big Mac changed Johny’s life forever
(01:00) – The biggest body board
(01:27) – Forgetting one of the things that Johny really enjoyed
(01:42) – Getting out and doing something you really enjoy
(02:25) – Brent’s image on his surfboard
(02:55) – Combining the two passions together
(03:08) – Remembering how the moment felt
(04:00) – Printing an image big and hanging it on the wall
(05:50) – What you can do to keep creativity flowing
(06:35) – Feeling a little flat
(07:00) – Pulling yourself away from the environment helps
(07:39) – The signs of losing the creativity
(08:00) – What to do when feeling a little flat
(08:40) – Ways of recharging your creativity

Episode Highlights:

  • It is important to go out and do something that you love to keep your creativity flowing.
  • Constantly doing what you do without taking a timeout will result in burnout.
  • Find what it is that you love doing and turn it into something that will recharge your creativity
  • Look back and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Find one of your favorite creation and print it big and hang it on the wall
  • Combine two passions together
  • Put your creation on something that you love doing (Brent’s surfboard)
  • Always check your goals and check off what you’ve done and keep moving forward
  • If your plans and goals have changed, it’s time to change your goals
  • Check your goals if you’ve done anything lately and check it off.


Johny: Hey Guys, what’s up? It’s Johnny here and welcome to another episode of the SIC Show and as always I’m super pumped to be here. I’m here with my main man B. How are you Man?

Brent: Man, I’m feeling so creative. Look at where we are. It’s such a beautiful area.

Johny: I’m not in the studio that’s for sure.

Brent: What have you got to share with us?

Johny: This week on the show I’m going to share with you how a Big Mac has changed my life forever.

Brent: And I’m going to talk about inspiring yourself through writing on your art and we’re going to talk about keeping the creative juices flowing.

Johny: Let’s get it on, Man.

Brent: Enjoy the show.

How a “Big Mac” helped Johny

Johny: So Buddy, I want to tell you a little story about the last couple of days.

Brent: Yeah! I think you should tell these guys.

Johny: Yeah! I want to tell both of you Guys, you and you and all of you. Just recently after five years I’ve purchased one of these.

Brent: That’s a bodyboard.

Johny: That is a big bodyboard. This is as big as it gets, Guys! This is bloody huge! This is a 46 inch custom X and here it’s called, the funny thing is it’s called the “Big Mac”. Basically, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Guys, I used to bodyboard so much as a kid and I haven’t really realized how much I’ve missed it. For the past five years Mate, I haven’t been in the water.

Brent: Why?

Johny: I just miss it. I don’t know, just busy with life, busy with family and I just forgot about one of the things that I’ve actually really, really enjoyed. So I got back into the water Guys and I’ve had three surfs in the last two days and Man, I’m a new person.

Brent: Down there.

Johny: I’m a new person and you know what? Getting out and doing something that you really, really enjoy is a big part of finding your creative energy because I feel energized. My body feels good, I’ve been eating good food and you know, I just feel amazing, Man.

Brent: Have a little coffee.

Johny: Yeah, that’s it! So my share is.

Brent: Sleeping.

Johny: My share is get out and do something you really, really enjoy because that’s how to keep yourself feeling good and keep the creative juice flowing.

Brent: Especially if it’s something that has some kind of a movement or has some kind of exercise in it.

Johny: Yeah, for sure, Man. So that’s it.

Brent: Awesome. Well, thanks for sharing that, Johnny.

Johny: Awesome, Man.

Brent: Awesome.

Riding on your Photo-Art!

Brent: And Guys, I’ve got something to inspire you with. Check this out.

Johny: This is really cool. I don’t know how many people have actually ever done this, B.

Brent: This is my surfboard that I’ve been surfing for the last couple of days, okay. And it’s got different colors of fins because I broke one off. I can’t remember how. Don’t even ask me. Basically, on the bottom here Guys, I’ve actually got one of my images that I printed.

Johny: So what is it, Mate? What have we got there?

Brent: It’s an underwater shot of a model swimming above me with the sun behind here silhouetted.

Johny: It’s lovely, Man and you know the one thing I really love about this Man, is you’re a passionate photographer, okay. And you are a passionate surfer. So why not combine the two? You’ve got something that you really love and you’ve got a great use for your image. I think it’s a wonderful idea, Man. And it’s a great image too, Man.

Brent: I love it! It always reminds me of how I felt when I actually photographed this image. Working with this model, great model from Brisbane. So she actually drove a long way just so she can work with me and do some underwater photography so I love it and I’ve been surfing with Johnny. We’ve been having so much fun on his Big Mac and me surfing an art board, surfing on my own artwork.

Johny: Yeah! That’s cool, Man!

Brent: So there’s a little inspiration bit for you, Guys. If you’ve taken some great photos and you’ve created some good photo art, I’d say print it out big. Put it on something you love and ride it.

Johny: Actually, that comes back to a really good vibe, Bro. You know what? There’s nothing more fulfilling than just creating an image that you just absolutely love, printing it and putting it on the wall. Walking past that print everyday will put you back in the place and another really great way to keep you motivated to get creativity. It really is! Seeing your own work up there on the wall and big. You know people come to visit and they ask you about it and you get to talk about it again and again. I reckon that it’s such a great way to keep yourself motivated and keep your creative energy up.

Brent: Whenever I’m in the lounge, our online community and I see some people that have created an amazing image. What do I tell them? I’d say, “Print it big, put it on your wall”. And I actually wanted to buy a few from some of the people in the lounge because they’re just beautiful works of art and I think the only way you can appreciate it because sometimes you can’t appreciate it on a screen that’s only this big or even this big. You’ve got to print it large and just put it on the wall.

Johny: Put it on the wall. Yeah, Man and do it regularly, you know? Every six months or whatever print one of your favorite images and hang it and even just keep it away in a frame, you know? And the latest assignment is a tough one. Helping others and one thing I’ve come up with is I’ve got this really good friend now. This is getting a little bit off topic but I’ve got a really, really good friend who’s moved away from the area for the last ten years. He’s an avid surfer as well and I’ve got a beautiful shot of one of his favorite beaches. I’m actually going to get that printed and send it to him so he can have that same inspiration from my work on his wall.

Brent: So you’re going to help him by sharing one of your piece of work.

Johny: Yeah, and it’s just to remind him and getting that feeling of how it used to feel when we were together because we used to surf together in that beach constantly. So Man, I tell you what, printing or putting your artwork somewhere where you see it all the time is just epic. I absolutely love it, Man. That’s such a great tip.

Brent: Good, good.

How to keep those creative juices flowing

Brent: You have something that you want to share with everyone, how to stay creative.

Johny: Yeah, so this is a big one. This is the big topic. Now we’ve talked about a few things to keep your creative juices flowing and I’ve mentioned it a little bit in the first story, Buddy. But basically, getting away from the laptop and getting out into the nature or out in the city here walking, moving, whatever it is you enjoy doing. Going out there and doing that thing and taking yourself away from the computer or even away from the back of the camera for awhile, you know. It’s amazing how much more inspiration you have when you get back to that place.

Brent: Now, what about just taking yourself out of the environment? The environment that actually causes your stress which may be your working environment or maybe your home environment. Just going away somewhere like right now we are a couple of hours away from where we live because we wanted to get creative. We were feeling a little drained.

Johny: Yeah, a little flat.

Brent: Yeah, and we want to get creative. So we come up here, away from everything that’s around us. So minimal distractions in nature, surfing every day, walking through the bush or the forest as some people call it and that just gets the creative juices flowing. And when you hang out with someone who thinks the same as you, like Johnny and I thinks the same and we’re talking about the same things. We are constantly helping to inspire each other at being creative.

Johny: Yeah, it’s true, Man. You know, just pulling yourself away from the environment. The other great tip about pulling yourself away Man is that when you’re trying to learn something. When you’re learning photography, there is so much to learn and you can get overwhelmed, you know. The great thing about going away and having quiet times is when you get back to your realm of focus. You can focus on that next one thing you need to learn or the next part you need to master and it becomes a lot easier because you’ve got your creative energies back, Mate. You get that creative energy back and you can start to learn easier.

Brent: How do you know when you’ve got no creative energy left? What are the signs? Do you know?

Johny: The sure sign is when you know you’ve got this shoot you’ve taken a week ago or two weeks ago or three months ago and you just can’t put yourself in front of the computer to finish it off.

Brent: To edit it or to post process it

Johny: To post process it, yeah. That’s it, Man. That’s a big sign for me and it happens all the time, to me because you know, I get motivated and say, “Yeah, I’m feeling it tonight”. I take the shoot and I go home and I don’t finish the process, you know. Because it’s such an important part of the whole photography journey. The post processing and the sharing to make other people happy or printing to put something on your wall or just that finishing that whole process. It is very important and sometimes I’ll just go back to an old shoot. I flip through my images and I would find something that would just inspire me and I’ll just process that image, you know. It brings back that memories of the time I was there. So that’s a big key there for me.

Brent: Sometimes what I do if I’m feeling a little flat, I might go back to shoot that I remember that did inspire me. Something that I really love and I might even grab one of those image and process it because looking at it and editing it, I get back to that same inspiration of how I felt when I was taking that photo.

Johny: That’s such a great point Man, because I mean not always can you get away for a weekend and find a beach and sun or stuff like that all the time to go away and recharge.

Brent: Cabin with a fire.

Johny: Sometimes it may be going to your favorite café flipping open that laptop, looking your old shoot and processing images or just that favorite quiet place wherever it is you can take your laptop or put yourself in the office, put some incense on and that music you love to process to and just look at that old shoot and remember that feeling when you were there, when you took it and process that image and yeah, Man. I’ve done so much.

Brent: Another thing that I do to stay creative and inspired is I go into five megapixels and have a look at the latest images or I jump into the Share, Inspire, Create lounge and I put in the inspiration images I’ve got. I go through some of the threads we have put in. Inspirational threads of images and I look at them again and that gets me inspired, gets the juices flowing and makes me want to get out there and take photos.

Johny: Yeah, it sounds like that lean into the next point too, Man! When you set your goals, it’s good to go back and review your goals, you know. Because that’s really inspirational too. It’s like you’ve set your goals or you’re on a path whatever that path is. You want to make sure you get to the goals and might as well that those goals are still current. If you’ve set them six months ago and maybe your goals have changed, maybe you’ve taken half of them off and you don’t even know it. It’s good to make sure you’re on that path you want to be on but setting your goals like we do on the lounge, we encourage people to set their goals and go back and review those because that’s another important part to make sure you’re on the journey and you know, to keep the creativity flowing and you’re like, “Man, I’ve just checked off two of my goals”. That’s another way to get inspired and I love it, Man.

Brent: And Guys, if you’re on the lounge, jump into your goals and check them off now. Let us know how you’re doing. I know a lot of you have put your goals in there and are you achieving them? Have you changed? So, it’s time to review your goals and change it.

Johny: Perfect, Man! Awesome, Bro! It’s been another epic show Bro and I love the feeling and the creative juices and all those things and that doesn’t get talked about a lot, you know. It’s the things that get overlooked. We talked about how your camera works and what the lights should be doing but Man, these are the things for pro photographers and amateurs too.

Brent: Burnt out! They’ll hit burn out.

Johny: I remember when I started doing photography it’s the only thing on my mind 24/7. I would leave work and that would be all I think about. And you know what? Six months later, I was flat again. I maxed it, Man. I just lost that motivation, that spark because I didn’t take time out to do other things I enjoy. Other things I love, you know. To keep those creative juices flowing. So it’s just so important Guys, really important.

Brent: Awesome! Hey, please leave some comments below and what gets your creative juices flowing and how can you get back into that desires where you just want to get out and actually create.

Johny: Yeah, I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say because it’s different for everyone. This is what works for us but it may not work for you. So I’d love to hear the different takes on how people keep the creativity flowing, Man.

Brent: So, please comment below.

Johny: Thanks, Guys.

Brent: Awesome. See you next week.

Brent and Johny: Bye.

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