Celebrating One Year with Talented and Great Photographers.

Share - Why did we create the SIC show?
Inspire - Interviewing great photographers
Create - What we have created

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In this episode:

(0:33)Why the SIC show was started
(1:39)How SIC show was created
(2:06)Interviews with awesome photographers
(5:28)SIC Lounge is to help people. Not just photographers
(5:40)SIC Lounge community is a family
(8:01)Recording a couple of shows with generators
(13:47)Free 12 months membership in the SIC Lounge
(15:20)Brent sold his photography business
(16:00)What have Brent and Johny created in the past year

Episode Highlights:

Brent and Johny
SIC Show 52 – One year

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Johny: Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Johny here and this week on the show we’ve got something special. We have hit the number 5… Count it, 5-2.

Brent: 52 weeks

Johny: Episode 52 so it’s 12 months of the SIC show

Brent: One year old. Woohoo! Let’s party!

Johny: It’s awesome, man! This week we’re just gonna do a bit of a recap and I’ve got something special for everybody.

Brent: So, hey, why did we start the SIC Show?

Johny: That’s a really good question there and I’ll wait till he’s done with his coffee.

Brent: Alright, so guys we are driving back from doing a quick show from previous community we were involved with and we were talking about what would we do if we had unlimited money and unlimited time? We came up with Share. We’d share stuff. That would be love. We’d Inspire people and we love to Create.

Johny: We do!

Brent: We love to teach.

Johny: We love photography

Brent: So we came up with the Share, Inspire, Create show.

Johny: A.K.A The SIC Show and if you don’t know, it’s a bit of a pun down here. It’s like “This is sick bro”. It’s like, “This is awesome”, so.

Brent: Sick eh bro?

Johny: Yeah, sick bro. So, anyway…

Brent: That’s why I changed my career when the show was conceived.

Johny: You did?

Brent: Yeah,

Johny: Perfect, man!

Brent: Awesome!

Johny: And we’re still going a year later, man!

Brent: I know! It’s crazy!

Johny: The one thing that gets me is that Brent is still here with me. It’s amazing that after a year, man you still want to do the show with me. It’s amazing!

Brent: Oh you carried me off your back, man!

Johny: Dude, I’ll tell you something… You might be carrying me, bro.

Brent: No, I’m not carrying you…

Interviewing Great Photographers

Brent: So, Johny, how did we actually do it? How did we create the show?

Johny: How did we create the show?

Brent: Do you want me to go?

Johny: Yeah, you go.

Brent: Ok

Johny: I’m still drinking my coffee, man

Brent: This will wake him up guys. Alright, so, we started by interviewing bright photographers and we’ve interview a whole bunch of different people.

Johny: Oh man, it’s just amazing how we’ve been able to keep it going and they’re some great people, man! Hey, we’re gonna jump out of the screencast, I wanna show you … Look at some of these awesome photography there. The one will be Varina Patel.

Brent: Yeah, so Verina was number one.

Johny: Yeah, she was awesome and the awesome friend Ben Johnson. I love that guy! If you haven’t checked out his podcast network, go to this week in photo.com and awesome stuff. Great podcast.

Brent: Awesome, and I met these guys when I was in America a year ago.

Johny: Thankfully! And then… Oh man, every time I see this photo from Clint Birkenshaw, awesome tower photography from Australia. He’s got some Ebook out now all about travel. Cool, man!

Brent: Ebook, yea! And by the way guys, all the links to all the episode will be in the show notes. So, check out the show notes and it should be there.

Johny: Yeah, check it all out. Cool and we’ve got some Rick Sammon.

Brent: Rick Sammon killing machine.

Johny: The godfather of photography. I love that! I love that, man! Yeah! Awesome!

Brent and Johny: Mykal Hall. Love him too from Sydney

Johny: From Sydney, yea!

Brent: Gretchen Chappelle, yeah, beautiful images from her. Fine art images. Great lady too!

Johny: Jon cornforth

Brent: Jon Cornforth with his hexacopter?

Johny: Hexacopter, yeah man!

Brent: yeah, I love that!

Johny: It’s funny, he sent me a tweet after we got back from Hawaii and he said “I’m building a bigger and better” and I’m thinking to myself “man, how can you go bigger and better?” This think was a beast and it was flying.

Brent: In Hawaii, when we were there in Hawaii.

Johny: Awesome, Awesome!

Brent: Valerie

Johny: Jardin

Brent: Yes, Hey, I might catch up with her. By the time I will be in Paris

Johny: Yeah

Brent: Or maybe in Greece.

Brent: Serge!

Johny: Serge Ramelli, man! I love the guy’s energy.

Brent: Yeah!

Johny: Awesome!

Brent: “I’m the photographer from the beautiful, Paris”. “Beautiful city of Paris”.

Johny: You’ve probably heard me speak of this image here but I’ve clicked on here and it’s
popped on there. This image of the…

Brent: Eiffel Tower

Johny: I was gonna say the opera house… Give me another coffee!

Brent: La tour de Eiffel. I think I said that… I don’t know.

Johny: I don’t know but anyway, I love it! It’s a different perspective. Awesome!

Brent: Yeap!

Johny: Alright, Next! Andrew

Brent: Andrew Wisler.

Johny: Andrew is part of our Share, Inspire and Create lounge the community. He should be in because we love him.

Brent: And he’s a legend!

Johny: Yeah, he’s a legend! Ugo Cei

Brent: I’ll be catching up with Ugo by the time this comes up in Europe.

Johny: Yeah, man! I’m not jealous enough though.

Brent: Yeah, no… Josh Cripps… Yeah, man, he’s an amazing photographer too and he’s great products too and great courses. Check them out, guys!

Johny: And we’ve got Photo Joseph.

Brent: We’ve got a couple more…

Johny: We’ve got plenty coming up..

Brent: Yeap, so let’s see… Uhm… We’ve got quite a few coming up. We’ve got Lita Press, Colby Brown, Jaime… Quite a few… Jay Patel. Guys, we’ve interview a stack of great photographers. Check out all the links.

Johny: You know what I love about the show, B? All the stuff that we’ve recorded in the last 12 months is gonna be relevant still in 12 years, you know? Sure, camera technologies might change or whatever personal techniques but man, I tell you what… It’s all relevant stuff. So many of the topics we’ve talked about are gonna be relevant for years to come. I just love that, man!

Brent: So part of the reason why we started this show, the SIC show. Share, Inspire, create show is to help people right?

Johny: Yeah!

Brent: So, who have we helped, Johny? Have we helped anyone?

Johny: I don’t know, man! It’s helped me get out of bed earlier, it’s helped me drink more coffee… Nah, lot’s of people, man! One thing with create this whole share, inspire, create family is… Share, inspire, create family… I love that!

Brent: Yeah, I love that!

Johny: It’s a family!

Brent: Ok, stop it! I’m gonna take this away!

Johny: The share, inspire, create family is the share, inspire, create lounge, buddy. Our community and the feedback in that place when I’m saying “man” in one setting, man, I’m really excited!

Brent: It’s a bit hard but it’s ok. So, on the feedback and the people we’ve actually helped in the community are amazing!

Johny: Alright, oh man, I said “wut man”

Brent: There’s too many people to actually mention that have actually improved their photography and even gone ahead and won awards and some already have their own businesses making decent money in photography, got confidence in the landscape or the portrait or the commercial photography, event photography, It’s amazing. So, we’ve helped a bunch of people plus I’ve given back and watched how I helped even more which was a great trip too.

Johny: You know what? Next year man, we will only give back even more. It’s time to… It’s time to up it!

Brent: Yeap, mhm! It is!

Johny: This year was good. I’ve been incapacitated with my ankle but actually, hey guys… Look at the movement off by the way, it’s off! I can’t be showing off. I can’t lift my leg that high.

Brent: You can’ pick it up that high.

Johny: It’s still a challenge but at least I’m standing. That’s a miracle after 8 weeks but next year, man! We’re gonna give back even more! That’s my goal for next year.

Brent: So, our motto from the SIC lounge guys. Just so you know is we give ten percent away. To some good cause from everything that we earn and that’s … I mean, we totally both believe in that.

Johny: Yeap

Brent: So, that’s coming!

Johny: It’s coming… I mean, yeah we gotta do it, man!

Brent: Yeah!

Johny: And more! I really wanna get out there and not only help more photographers but do something for a cause.

Brent: Yeah, I got a couple of courses that I’m looking into that I may jump unto. One to do with Papua New Guinea and…

Johny: That’s exciting, man! Anyway, more of that to come!

Brent: Yeah, definitely! So, it’s all about giving, guys and we totally believe in giving back.

What We Have Created

Brent: Now, Johny, what have we created? It’s a show that should inspire that we create. Have you created anything?

Johny: I don’t know, man! It’s been huge! All those 52 shows for starters! 52 shows of awesome content, awesome interviews and fun times, man!

Brent: Ang guys, we had a few issues at the beginning shows. We had a couple of challenges right?

Johny: The one that I remember the most is the one that we recorded with the generator running.

Brent: 2 shows actually.

Johny: 2 shows! Oh we did 2 shows! Right!

Brent: In the morning, we lost power for quite a few days when we had a massive storm. It’s basically a…

Johny: Oh massive storm yeah!

Brent: And we lost power and we had to record a show because we promised to. So, we did. generator up at front waking people up at 6 in the morning.

Johny: That was funny, man! That’s how committed we are to getting it done, man!

Brent: We are! Johny broke his ankle coming down to record a show.

Johny: It’s extreme! EXTREME!!

Brent: Yeah! So, we’ve had a few challenges. We’ve had issues with the camera and the recording equipment didn’t work.

Johny: I remember, I was at mampaso, we recorded the whole show and there was nothing there.

Brent: Nothing!

Johny: A whole show! A whole show, guys! So, we had to re do it!

Brent: But, you know what? Who cares! It’s a challenge and we got it done! That’s the main thing. Because we dedicated ourselves to getting it out. We committed to recording each week and we’ve done it. That’s awesome!

Johny: Been great!

Brent: Alright, so what else have we created, buddy? We’ve created a few courses within our community the share, inspire, create lounge… Let’s name it! Mastering shutter speed, studio portrait photography getting started, waterfall and… There’s another one I can’t remember! Lightroom… I’m sure there’s something else!

Johny: Oh yeah, Lightroom. There’s plenty more, man! There’s like 14 premium photography class.

Brent: Plus, Johny created his… a couple of online courses in the last year.

Johny: LIghtroom traveler, Lightroom essentials and there’s more to come, man!

Brent: And I created a massive course on portrait photography for profit. Business photography. how to actually run a successful portrait photography business. 70 something videos… It’s massive!

Johny: Yeah! It’s huge , man! Which led on your podcast, man isn’t it? Your brand new podcast, “Photo Profit”.

Brent: Photo Profit podcast, I’m gonna be quite a few successful photography business owners and digging in to find out what’s making the business.

Johny: Which is awesome! That is so great! I mean, to go into behind the scene of people who are actually doing it with their photography biz and making it. You know, making money and being successful. I heard… Man, it’s just…. It’s exciting!

Brent: And what else has happened in the last year, man?

Johny: Well, a big thing happened while we were in Hawaii this year and it’s the Share, Inspire,

Create Lounge buddy

Brent: Yes, the lounge!

Johny: We did mention it before but, man! I am so passionate about community and you know, the one thing that I really love is the two way interaction. You know? Being off of training courses and people will give you feedback on that and you get to interact with them and they get to put their photography in there where we can critique their images and the monthly assignment.

Brent: Encouragement…

Johny: Encouragement! And holding them accountable to their goals, man there’s just so much going on! I just love the two way interaction. That’s the one thing I think we’ve got over one other place. I mean , there’s so much… So many learning resources out there isn’t it, buddy? It’s hard to know where we turn to.

Brent: And there are some great ones!

Johny: There is! Oh I’m not saying there’s none! There are some awesome out there but it’s just the fact that you can jump in there and ask any question you want photography related or even life. I’m gonna be a life coach.

Brent: Ok

Johny: Johny’s life coaching? I go “go hard! Yeah, that’s awesome!”

Brent: Yeah, “just do it!”

Johny: “Just do it!” No, but seriously, the fact that you can take one of our courses or ask a feedback on something and get it!

Brent: And you know what’s really populating the lounge, and we don’t even know this, we started the community thinking we know what people want and how they can become better at photography but one that’s really become a massive hit in the lounge is monthly assignments. We create an assignment every month. Actually, everyone in the lounge votes for it so, we don’t decide.

Johny: We don’t decide what it’s all about.

Brent: Yeah, so once we create this assignment which is about due for this month. Let anyone submit images and you get feedback on your images and at the end of the month we have a live critique session with Johny, me and Andrew and we’ll probably have a few others in.

Johny: Yeah,

Brent: Jump in and you get feedbacks. Positive and encouraging feedbacks on all the images. So, that’s been really cool in the lounge. Yeah, awesome! So, what’s coming up, Johny? What can the guys expect from the SIC show in the future?

Johny: The Sic Show it’s gonna get bigger, better and crazier. I can feel it coming, man! Seriously! I can feel it coming!

Brent: I don’t want you to get crazier, man!

Johny: Oh no, man! I think it is. I think it is. We’re gonna have more fun. It’s all about having fun, man!

Brent: It is and guys I’ve actually got a couple interviews coming up too so let’s have a look… Paul Pichugin, Taylor Mathis, Stephan Bollinger, the amazing model, photographer extraordinaire, Pamela Aurino, all about winning photography and how to brand yourself on what to do right and Benjamin Van wong.

Johny: Awesome, man!

Brent: Man, he’s just a crazy photographer and I love talking to him and these are some of
the interviews coming up plus the products! That’s more by the time!

Johny: Yeah! That’s something to be excited about I’m sure!

Brent: Yeah, so, what else, buddy?

Johny: let’s talk about what we’re gonna give this year.

Brent: Oh yeah, we’ve got something for you.

Johny: We’ve got something for you. We wanna give away…

Brent: One year in the lounge membership!

Johny: Yeap! Worth $200US

Brent: I should that by now.

Johny: excuse me, coughing all over the phone here.

Brent: Alright, so what do people need to win the membership?

Johny: Just share this video

Brent: So share this video, get the link that you shared put it in the comments below this video on the Shareinspirecreate.com website.

Johny: Yeap, share it anywhere! Twitter, facebook, google+ just share the love that’s all we need. Just share the love and you’re in the winning to win a 12 months and we’ll somehow randomize the person we pick.

Brent: Hey, one can be forgotten is some of the really cool, fun show we’ve had.

Johny: Oh yeah, man! We can do the Google checker.

Brent: Google checker, we’ve had shark attacks, I’ve talked about tripods, we’ve had my million dollar camera which is for sale by the way.

Johny: So, there’s 50 percent off

Brent: We’ve had long exposure love, trashing my landscape, cannibals and sea lions, bending the light like a superhero, big island love, Fuji Film XD1 review which was great, we’ve had macro love…

Johny: Photo love, man!

Brent: Underwater photography and we’ve had giving back in Vanuatu.

Johny: There’s so much in all the content there so guys if you’re gonna spend a day and a half, you can probably play all the video one through fifty two and play catch up.

Brent: And by the way guys, get all the audio on iTunes too from all the shows.

Johny: Yeap, ok!

Brent: Awesome, guys!

Johny: Awesome! So share this video.

Brent: So, buddy, congratulations! One year! One year later. We’ve actually had challenges and we got through them.

Johny: You know what though, next year is gonna be more fun. I am super, super pumped.

Brent: Definitely! And Oh, We’ve got to say that I’ve actually sold my photography business and we’ve moved. We’ve moved to be here.

Johny: New studio, new logo

Brent: Yeap. A lot’s happened in one year.

Johny: It’s really crazy isn’t it?

Brent: But me selling my business has allowed me to really focus on the show Share, Inspire, Create and the SIC Lounge. Our community and really jump in there and all sorts of things coming up in that community so, jump in guys. Go to the community. You should be if you wanna do photography.

Johny: Yeap, I have a little link below too if you want to check it out.

Brent: Oh! And listen up to all the free courses that we did.

Johny: Yeah! Oh, dude! So much going on.

Brent: I’ve got three courses coming out soon which I’m probably in the middle of writing right now. Johny has a got a couple more also coming. So there’s a link somewhere that you can grab the free course. Check it out, see if you like what we say and jump into the community afterwards.

Johny: You’re really gonna want to get into the community because that is the one place that we can guarantee that we can help you with your photography.

Brent: Yeap! Guaranteed!

Johny: Guaranteed! Money back guaranteed or whatever! Or free coffee. Money back guaranteed you’ll be drinking more coffee with me if you’re in the community.

Brent: Hey, how much coffee do you actually think we’ve drank doing all the SIC shows in a year.

Johny: Oh yeah, 52 times… Sometimes it’s two shows…

Brent: 52 times two shots each…?

Johny: Oh yeah, how many shots?

Brent: 52 times 4? What’s that? That’s a 200 and something shots of coffee… I’m jumping whohoho!

Johny: So that’s over 200 and eight.

Brent: Over?

Johny: Yeah

Brent: Ok… We’ll you couldn’t have guessed that I actually went to a university for engineering right?

Johny: No

Brent: Well, I did get kicked out.

Johny: Yeah, that’s right! Alright, let’s wrap this up! It’s been another epic year and we have another big year coming up. Please share this video, check the link in the comment and you’re in the draw for 12 month membership of the SIC Lounge. It’s super!

Brent: Which originally it’s $200

Johny: $200 yeah! Well, if it’s here in Australia it’s even something. It’s even more.

Brent: Awesome, guys! We’ll catch you next week.

Johny: See you next week!

Brent: Bye!

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