Learn about the famous new Fujifilm X-Pro 2

Our special guest for today’s SIC show is Leigh Diprose. He is from Australia and he’s got some awesome stuff and a brand new camera that we are going to talk about.

Share – A magical view in the park with the Fujinon XF100-400
Inspire – Perfect colorful image using the beast lens
Create – The famous Fujifilm X-Pro 2

Enjoy! Brent & Johny

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In this episode:
(00:39) - A magical view in the park
(00:53) - Reserve park overlooking Sydney Opera House
(01:53) - Perfect colorful image using the “beast lens”
(02:41) - About the beast lens
(04:08) - The famous Fujifilm X-Pro 2
(05:19) - The Dynamic range for X-Pro 2

Episode Highlights:

Website: Here>>>
Article: Here>>>

Darlenes Photography Tour Page: Here>>>

Share - RV'ing cross country with 1 new husband & 2 cats for 6 months.

  • Dream during college to drive an RV across Canada
  • 2009 got remarried and made that dream come true
  • Travelled across Canada and the US
  • Covered 29 states and 5 provinces for 6 months in 27,000 kilometers
    • Bisbee, Southern Arizona
    • Savannah, Georgia
    • Philadelphia
    • Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Inspire - New Orleans Mule Kiss

  • Love to talk to people and get their stories before photographing them
  • Part of photography is being in the right place at the right time with the right lens
  • Be ready for whatever comes up

Create - How to overcome your fear of photographing complete strangers.

  • Go with the group
  • Photo walk or photography tour
  • Join a photography club
  • Find a partner or a group to go out with
  • Start easy like going to a festival or a parade
  • Make an effort to communicate and connect with people
  • Step outside of your comfort zone
  • Your next learning and growth is on the other side

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