Learn some quick tips on how to become a more efficient photographer

In today’s show, Johny and I talked about a place called Wagga Wagga. Johny photographed 800 images in 30 locations within only in 2 days in this place! Johny will share with us what to do when you’re in the same situation, how to be a more efficient photographer.

Find out also our behind the scenes on our brand new course Mastering Shutter Speed: a 6-week course. It’s fun!

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Enjoy! Brent & Johny

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In this episode:
(02:04) - Tips on shooting with so little time
(08:32) - New Course: Mastering Shutter Speed
(19:48) - Photo Assignment/Challenge
(23:57) - Tips on how to critique images
(24:39) - Formula for critiquing images
(27:01) - The extra bonus on the course

Episode Highlights:

Share - Travelled to 5 different countries in 3 continents in 1 month

  • He loves travelling
  • He loves new places and going back to old places
  • He is a travel photography expert
  • Focus a lot in travel stories
  • He writes stories on every country he traveled to

Inspire - New York at night in the blue hour

  • Favorite time of the day – blue hour
  • Amazing place with all the buildings and all its lights
  • Great contrast between the cool tones of the sky against the warm and yellow orange lights of the city

Create - How to photograph this amazing night shot without a tripod, dealing with reflections.

  • Mind your white balance
  • Shooting raw to fix the white balance
  • Select the correct white balance
  • Avoid any filters
  • Get enough faster shutter speed
  • Hand held your camera
  • Wear something dark
  • Camera on continue shooting
  • Do not jerk the camera when pressing the shutter button

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