Create your own macro images and learning to become an artist.

Today my special guest is Don Komarechka from Canada. He’s going to share his very funny story of how he almost shocked his cat and the electric pickle experiment. He’s going to inspire us with his incredible soap bubble frozen fluorescent UV light image which is just amazing.

Then in the create section we are going to talk all about the creativity goals, getting ideas that you can be more creative and he’s also going to explain to us exactly how to create this frozen bubbles that he creates in winter. Don is a very interesting guy. He’s a very smart guy.

Share - Don’s voltage experiment & shocking his cat
Inspire - Frozen macro fluorescence
Create - How to create these macro Images

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In this episode:

(04:39) – Electric Pickle Experiment (Voltage experiment)
(06:08) – Freezing solid
(12:34) – Coming up with the ideas – Macro Images
(19:51) – Part of becoming an artist
(26:21) – Why choose within nature’s narrow vertical
(30:35) – Stereoscopic photography
(33:34) – How to make bubbles

Episode Highlights:

Visit Don’s website here (Click here)
Check Don’s podcast here (Click here)

Share: Electric Pickle Experiment (Voltage experiment)

  • Took old lamp, cut, plug into 2 sides of pickle and plug into wall
  • Cut cords, took 2 electric leads
  • Plug into either side of pickle
  • Plug into the wall
  • At first, electricity is arching at the pickle but later smells awful and disgusting
  • Second, memorable experience

Inspire: Freezing solid

  • Get the right condition (-80  to -200 Celsius, no windows)
  • Ultraviolet Photography
    • Bubble Solution
    • Ultraviolet Fluorescent Powder
  • Invisible Ink Bubble
  • Shoot environment

Create - Coming up with the ideas – Macro Images

  • Get the idea and see what happens
  • “not afraid to take bad picture, just no interest in it”
  • Enjoy the process and tinkering
  • Photograph a teacup with 27
  • Walk around and photograph; explore things

Part of becoming an artist

  • See images you want to create
  • Have inspiration from other people
  • Be confident that you can
  • Being creative by exploring different ways
  • Do something remarkably different
  • Create your own mini - macro images; invent your own creation
  • Think outside of the box

Why choose within nature’s narrow vertical

  • Create something unique beautiful
  • Can break own rules
  • Having fun with the experience

Stereoscopic photography

  • 2 images that make two 3D image pair
  • If you don’t enjoy tinkering, find a way to make fun

How to make bubbles

  • Simple Formula
    • 6 parts water
    • 2 parts dish soap
    • 1 part corn syrup
  • Average bubble size
    • 2-3 inches diameter
  • Camera on continued shooting and manual focus
  • Ttest on proper camera exposure
  • Be experimental

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