Learn How to Create Your Own Harry Potter-esque Moving Photos

Hey guys, Brent here and welcome back to the Share Inspire Create Show. Today my special guest is Jason Teale. He is in South Korea right now but is actually from Canada.

Today, he is going to share his prairie to bali bali life story. He is going to inspire us with his amazing cinemagraph images, where part of the image is still and part is actually moving. And he is going to explain how to create these cinemagraphs.

This is really interesting guys so you want to be sure to check it out. You’ve got to see these images! Make sure you go to SIC to check out the show notes and have a look at Jason’s amazing images. There’s a link to his website, too.

Let’s get right into the show.

Share - From Prairie Life to Korea’s “Bali Bali” Life
Inspire - Cinemagraphs: Moving Photographs
Create - How to Create Cinemagraphs

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In this episode:

01:15 - Share – From Prairie Life to Korea’s “Bali Bali” Life
04:33 - Inspire – Cinemagraphs: Moving Photographs
05:36 - 1st Image - Hiking Sumbulsan
09:48 - 2nd Image - Namdaemun, Downtown Seoul
12:40 - Create – How to Create Cinemagraphs
17:50 - Summary

Episode Highlights:

Visit Jason's website
See Jason's Cinemagraph Images
Check out Jason's Instagram

Share: – From Prairie Life to Korea’s “Bali Bali” Life

  • Been living in South Korea for 14 years
  • Originally from small prairie town called Brandon, Canada
  • Huge contrast between Brandon and Korea
  • Pace of life is fast in South Korea
  • Bali bali means fast fast
  • Moved to South Korea for photography and job opportunities
  • Was able to travel and work and upgrade photography equipment

Inspire – Cinemagraphs: Moving Photographs

  • Cinemagraphs bridge still photographs with moving elements
  • Images are neither still nor video
  • This makes them attractive to viewers
  • Used in marketing and advertising
  • Works well with landscape and seascape photography

1st Image - Hiking Sumbulsan

  • Taken from a video
  • Uses a seamless infinite loop
  • It has a lure that causes people to stop and look
  • Cinemagraphs can be framed in a digital frame and put up on a wall
  • Why I chose this location:
    • The scene creates visual tension. “This guy should be moving.”
    • The grass is moving
    • Movement on either side in a beautiful location
  • Had to leave home at 2:00 a.m. to get to this location before tourists

2nd Image - Namdaemun, Downtown Seoul

  • Taken from a time lapse
  • Used 30-60 frames to get this image
  • Goal was to capture the lights streaking
  • Shot from an old highway converted to a walkway
  • Captured the energy of the city with old Namdaemun gate in front of new city

Create – How Jason Creates Cinemagraphs

  • Using a video and Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel is the easiest way to create
  • You can do it in Photoshop, but looping is much harder
  • To get the looping, cross fitting and blenders
  • You can also use time lapse converter in Cinemagraph Pro
  • Creating straight from video:
    • Mask out the parts that you want moving
    • Make sure there is no overlapping between still and moving parts
  • Sharing videos on website or social media:
    • Keep the video short
    • Instagram 15 seconds for auto loop
    • Facebook 30 seconds for auto loop
    • Can also embed code on website
  • Flixel allows full HD cinemagraphics
    • Export video files as MP4 or GIF
    • MP4 is better as GIF will be lower quality
    • Be sure starting and ending for loop blends for seamless playback

Show Summary

  • We learned about Jason’s background and the story of going from the prairie in Canada to the bali bali life of South Korea
  • We were inspired by two images: Hiking Sumbulsan and Namdaemun, Downtown Seoul
  • We learned how to create cinemagraphs and some technical details
  • Jason is working on getting to the upcoming Olympics in South Korea to take still photos and cinemagraphs
  • Korea is great for travel photography
    • Lots of buddhist temples
    • Did a photo walk recently and got photos of the monks
  • Find Jason on Instagram @JTealePhoto

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